Friday, 31 August 2012

Barry M Chameleon Nail Paint

Barry M really do spoil us with their range of nail effects and I'm not going to lie, I want to try every single one of them. The chameleon nail paints have been around for a few weeks, I first discovered them in Topshop, Oxford Circus before I saw them elsewhere, and was quick to snap up this colour, the blue/purple effect.
I was also very quick to try this product out once I was home, going into it a little blindly as I hadn't seen the promo pictures or knew anything about it. First experience of this nail paint - not a good one. I whacked the blue paint all over my nails, great shade I thought. Then came the magic of applying a top coat... All I can is, it was disappointing. The hint of blue that I thought would remain had been replaced by an irridescent purple shade. It was nice in itself but not what I would call a true chameleon effect where the two separate colours are clearly seen in different lights. So I was a bit let down, and left this nail paint in my bag of what has become a funeral pyre for unwanted nail polishes. Until...

I saw how this product had been used on the model's nails in the promo picture, and suddenly I was digging through that pyre once more to recreate the look. It's very simple, you start the same, with a coat of the chameleon on top, except this time, not over the whole nail, put partially covering the nail, just down the centre. This way you get the base colour and the secondary colour both showing on your nails, voila!

This is probably the easiest effect to create, although if you're very creative and have a steady hand, you could create much fancier effects. I wasn't feeling particularly fancy and I think this still looks very effective. 
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