Monday, 29 July 2013

A little update

I always feel a little sheepish when I return to blogging after the longest time not blogging. Life has just been a little bit mental over the last few months, you know how it gets... I am going to make more of an effort to be part of the blogging community over summer though. Whenever I'm not a part of it, I do really miss it!

I took the inevitable plunge of buying a DSLR which I'm absolutely loving. It's keeping me busy lately, expect lots of snaps around London to follow soon!

Yesterday I went for brunch at a place called Pimlico Fresh. They serve very delicious, if a little pricey breakfasts and lunches. I was looking for an alternative to The Breakfast Club for a place to get fresh, tasty food, with quirky decor and an eclectic mix of people. Pimlico Fresh is definitely all of these. I particularly liked the communal benches inside the cafe. I can't find a website for it, but you can read more reviews here:
What I didn't enjoy about the place was the lack of toilet facilities! But this turned out to be a good thing it seemed, because it led me to a very extensive second hand sale in Pimlico academy (on the search for said toilet facility.) What a hidden gem it was. So many good finds there, I saw a girl pick up a vintage type writer for under £20 which I know she would have paid a lot more for anywhere else. Granted there was a lot of rubbish there to sift through too, but on a lazy Sunday, I had plenty of time to peruse the mountains of treasure! I came across this top which a lovely lady used to own.

She bought it from Whistles on the King's Road in the 1980s, back when she was working in John Lewis and in her words "spent all of her wages on clothes". We can all relate can't we?! Even without the label and the story behind the top (there's something really appealing to me about owning something that has a bit of history to it!), I still would've bought this top, I love the dusky pink colour and the feel of this top which I obviously can't convey in a photograph and quite smugly I paid £3 for this.

I also bought this rather cute little cami from Topshop. Bit pricier than my second hand Whistles purchase at £22 but I think I got caught up by the heatwave we've been enjoying and decided I needed something bright and summery. Maybe the heatwave is dwindling, but if nothing else I will love wearing this on holiday.
Jewellery wise, this chain on rope necklace is from Topshop priced around £16 if I remember correctly.

The ring is a recycled fork which I purchased from a very cool shop inside Greenwich market. I can't remember the name, but their whole ethos is about upcycling old things so there's some very interesting things to be found in there.

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