Friday, 30 October 2009

A few little things...

Just wanted to share with you a few things I've bought in the last week or so. I love this floral top from New Look, it's a long length so looks great over leggings, though I've noticed a few people wearing this as a dress! I'm wearing it over tights for the purpose of the photo, but ordinarily would wear this over black leggings. Floral prints have been everywhere I know, but I thought this print was so cute I had to jump on the bandwagon. The outfit on the left is from Topshop. I bought a black high waisted skirt and this gorgeous pink cropped camisole top, it's kinda hard to explain what it is but I fell in love as soon as I saw it! I tried it on with the skirt and really liked the two together. Apologies for the snooty looking pose, I had it on self timer on my shelf, and I was looking down at it.In the picture I'm wearing it over a pink vest top, but as it's sheer, you can wear it with a different coloured top underneath for a different twist on the same outfit. This is good for me to be able to mix an outfit up as I get bored easily! Hopefully you'll be able to enlarge these photos to see the beading embellishments on this top. It's lovely detailing, one of the reasons Topshop is amongst my favourite high street shops. It came with a packet of spare beads which will be useful, I've already had to sew on one of the bead clusters as it got caught!
A few things I purchased in Superdrug today.
1001 lashes mascara which I admit I bought because of the sleek white packaging! I've only used this over mascara as a top coat so can't write a proper review on this yet, but what I can gather is this is a good mascara. It has a twisted brush which really felt like it was separating and coating my lashes really well.
A bottle of Batiste because I forgot to bring any with me and I can't live without it! This is in a travel size bottle which will be very handy. I also brought a travel size bottle of Palmer's Cocoa Butter because I needed something to really moisturise my legs as they'll be making a very rare appearance tomorrow night with my costume (I'm the sort of person to never get my bare legs out!).
Since the theme tomorrow is army girls, or "combat chick" as it says on the costume packaging, I bought Barry M's Racing Green nail paint. It's a very deep, dark green, which I thought was the most flattering out of their green collection, and they have the biggest green collection over any other brand I've seen I might add! Thanks for reading, have a fabulous weekend!


Here's a quick face and eye of the day post as I haven't done one of these for a long time. I'm back at the parentals this week and really had to limit what I brought with me because I'm off on a hen party tomorrow, then travelling back home to London on Sunday and didn't want to haul a big load around with me. When I'm forced to pack lightly, I find out that I really can cope with just a few pieces of makeup. So here's a FOTD with a few of my favourite makeup items that I brought back with me.
On my face I am wearing MAC Select foundation in NC25, set with Rimmel Clarifying Powder. I am wearing Too Faced blush in Papa Don't Peach over my cheeks and cheekbones with MAC's Springsheen concentrated on the apple of my cheeks. On my lips is my new favourite lipstick: MAC's High Tea.
All the eyeshadows are MAC, and here is one of the looks I've created with my pan collection so far. I have green eyes, so I find warm, golden shades really bring out the colour of my eyes. I applied All That Glitters all over the lid, with some Woodwinked on the outer corner. I also used Woodwinked to line the underneath on my eyes which you can't really see in the picture, but gives my eyes that extra pop, and it's the perfect consistency to line your eyes with. I believe it's a veluxe pearl shadow, which just glides on effortlessly. I used Twinks in the crease which is a gorgeous dark, dirty plum colour, it works really well with the golden shades and is really warming to my eyes. Shroom is a safe highlight colour for anyone in my opinion, I used it here on the browbone and the very inner corner of my eye just to finish the look. My eyes are lined with Loreal Superliner (my fave) and I'm wearing Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara and Bourjois1001 lashes on top of that.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Review

I spotted these gorgeous nail lacquers in TK Maxx and was instantly drawn to them, not just for the colours but the amazing price tag. A box of three with a retail worth of £45 being sold for just £16.99! I don’t own any makeup by Yves Saint Laurent but have for some time been keen to try it out. Nail polish is always a good place to start and I liked all the colours that were part of this bundle. There is: number 28 – Starry Rose, number 37 – Dark Blue, and number 38 – Moonlight White.
(without flash)
(with flash)
I spotted the dark blue first and fell in love with the colour, it’s perfect for this time of year, a very deep blue which looks almost black, it’s only when you take the brush out of the bottle you can tell it’s really blue. Starry Rose is a very easy to wear pink, with a touch of glamour with the glitter particles which makes this a nice choice for wearing to go out. In the picture below I am wearing Moonlight White. I used to own a shade very similar to this years ago but failed to replace once I’d used it up. In the bottle it appears white, with a blue shimmer when you move it around. On your nails, the blue really comes out, as does a pink undertone, the overall effect is a pearl finish. It’s very flattering and suitable for any occasion, it makes a nice change to your typical white tipped manicure. The pictures are both taken in natural light.I would highly recommend any of these nail polishes, they dry very quickly, and after three days of wear have shown no signs of chipping. They do give off quite a strong odour when you’re painting your nails, which I guess is the price paid for the quality of the varnish, just make sure you’re in a well ventilated room would be my advice! I’m not sure I’d be willing to pay their RRP of £16 a piece, but for three, I’m very happy. You can look at all the shades available here:
and see that there are many classic shades to choose from. I have my eye on number 1 – sublime red. Has anyone else been impressed by La Laque?

Monday, 26 October 2009

Beauty Product of the Month: October - Naked Colour Protection Shampoo & Conditioner

There was a gap in the market that I feel Naked products have come along and filled very nicely. Natural beauty products that are effective and affordable. I was looking for a new shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair and attracted to this brand with its 97% natural tag. My hair has become somewhat damaged since summer, with constant washing and sun damage on top of the dying I’ve been subjecting my hair to. My hair is in dire need of some treatments and a good quality shampoo. I’m a big believer that nature knows best, with Lush being one of my favourite shops to buy from. What I like about Naked products compared to Lush is that they come in a conventional form, i.e. liquid form in a bottle. I know this is not great news for the environment, solid shampoos are a lot kinder, but this is what I’m used to and find the easiest method, in terms of storing and using the product. Using the Naked shampoo is different to more conventional, less natural shampoos however, and when applying to my hair, I did wonder where the lather was! I think we’ve become conditioned to believing that SLS’s are necessary for cleaning our hair, clothes, dishes, or whatever other products they can be found in. Whilst SLS’s are effective detergents, the lathering of these products is not responsible for cleaning and there are plenty of alternatives out there which are safer to use. Naked does not contain SLS or any parabens which are responsible for preserving the product, and it does not lather. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t clean effectively and you don’t need to use more of the product to compensate. My hair is naturally quite oily at the roots, so the only disadvantage with this product is I have to work it well into my scalp to remove the oil. I’m more than happy to do this though if it means using a shampoo that doesn’t have any grey areas surrounding the safety of it.

I love the smell of this shampoo, it contains sunflower extract and cinnamon with the latter lingering in your hair after washing. I suppose it’s not for everybody but personally I love this smell, and it’s proven to help preserve the colours in your hair. I use the matching conditioner, which is more sunflower extract based and still smells appealing even if I can’t quite place the scent. After shampooing, your hair can feel a little dry and limp, but the conditioner helps to put back the moisture and volume and after drying, I’m happy with the results. There are a few variations of this shampoo and conditioner for different hair types, and at the bargainous price of £3.91 for a 250ml bottle it’s worth a look at. Often in places like Boots this product is on offer too so there’s another incentive!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Make-up Product of the Month: October - MAC's High Tea Lipstick

I bought this lipstick whilst I was on the hunt for a shade a little bit different to what I usually reach for. I was after a nude shade, but the usual suspects from MAC, i.e. Myth, Creme de Nude and the like are not always what I’m looking for. I love Creme de nude, and it looks great with a smokey eye for an evening look, but on a day to day basis with neutral makeup, it can make me look a bit washed out, especially this time of year. Wanting to find a lipstick that would do more for my complexion led me to High Tea. It’s still a nude shade, but not in the same sense as Creme de Nude, it doesn’t make your lips paler than they really are. On the website it is described as a “beiged pink with small particle pearl” and the shade appears to be as light as the other nudes I mentioned. However, I really wouldn’t put this in the same category, and in person it is somewhat darker. It adds a nice warmth to the lips which in some lights, has an almost brown shimmer to it. If, on the other hand, you have quite pigmented lips, this would help to tone them down and I think this would also be a great nude choice for people with darker skin tones. So with that, I would class this lipstick as a more universal nude which unlike a “true” nude can be pulled off by most of us.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Beauty finds of the month so far

I am trying to complete my MAC palette, and getting there slowly. MAC shadows are a little pricey so I’m quite happy to fill just the one palette with colours for everyday wear and I’m choosing colours that I know I will wear frequently and not get bored of. The palettes are also useful for travel as it’s more convenient to have all my shadows in one place. Three of the shadows I chose I’ve seen blogged about a lot, and really felt these colours were staples that I had to have in my collection, they are: All That Glitters, Satin Taupe and Shroom. Shroom I think is the perfect highlight colour, it brightens your eyes without being too brassy like a pure white eyeshadow. My fourth choice was close to being Carbon which I consider another staple colour, but I noticed a close shade to this called Typographic. I think Carbon is such a popular shade as it’s possibly MAC’s darkest, closest to black shade. However, I think for a lot of amateurs like myself, black is not a very forgiving colour and unless applied flawlessly can really make your eyes look smaller. After swatching Typographic, which looks incredibly similar to Carbon on first glance, I could see that this was a more muted version of the colour, more of a dusky grey colour, and the consistency was more concentrated yet blendible, a combination I thought would work well for me, so I chose this as the darkest colour in my palette.

Also in the picture is the GOSH Extreme Art eyeliner. I was keen to try this out after being impressed with their various pencil eyeliners, and have not been let down by this. I like GOSH’s colour collection, although it’s not as big as I would like, I feel like they could provide a few more experimental colours, I do like the majority of colours there are to choose from. Some are quite different and might be colours I would usually avoid, for example I’m not a great lover of blue on my eyes, but in the form of a quick line near the lashes, I think it’s possible to be more daring and try out colours you’re afraid of or not used to. I do slightly wish GOSH would work on improving the brush because I don’t find it very user friendly. I have become accustomed to Loreal’s Superliner which as well as being of great quality, is honestly the easiest liquid eyeliners to apply I’ve ever used. So comparing the two, I find the shape of the applicator quite difficult to apply, it’s the same thickness from root to tip, not gradiated like the Loreal liner. I also find that it picks up slightly too much liner so I find myself getting eyeliner in places where it shouldn’t be like on my eyelashes. Hopefully with practice I will learn a better technique in order not to do this.

The other MAC product featured here is High Tea lipstick which I haven’t seemed to put down this month so I will write a little more on that in another post and include a few extra pictures. Sorry the picture quality is not great, the days are getting shorter now we’re getting closer to winter and the lighting once I’m home from work is not great.

Onto my latest hair product purchase, and right now I’m loving this straightening spray which bizarrely, (I found) is a Morrison’s own brand product. I will give a full review of this product very soon, but for now just want to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this product, quite smug in knowing I only paid £1 for it! It’s formulated with vitamin B5 which is a key ingredient in rival brands and seems to be giving my dry, lacklustre blonde locks more of a shine than it used to have, so I'll be updating with a full review of this product very soon.
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