Friday, 30 October 2009

A few little things...

Just wanted to share with you a few things I've bought in the last week or so. I love this floral top from New Look, it's a long length so looks great over leggings, though I've noticed a few people wearing this as a dress! I'm wearing it over tights for the purpose of the photo, but ordinarily would wear this over black leggings. Floral prints have been everywhere I know, but I thought this print was so cute I had to jump on the bandwagon. The outfit on the left is from Topshop. I bought a black high waisted skirt and this gorgeous pink cropped camisole top, it's kinda hard to explain what it is but I fell in love as soon as I saw it! I tried it on with the skirt and really liked the two together. Apologies for the snooty looking pose, I had it on self timer on my shelf, and I was looking down at it.In the picture I'm wearing it over a pink vest top, but as it's sheer, you can wear it with a different coloured top underneath for a different twist on the same outfit. This is good for me to be able to mix an outfit up as I get bored easily! Hopefully you'll be able to enlarge these photos to see the beading embellishments on this top. It's lovely detailing, one of the reasons Topshop is amongst my favourite high street shops. It came with a packet of spare beads which will be useful, I've already had to sew on one of the bead clusters as it got caught!
A few things I purchased in Superdrug today.
1001 lashes mascara which I admit I bought because of the sleek white packaging! I've only used this over mascara as a top coat so can't write a proper review on this yet, but what I can gather is this is a good mascara. It has a twisted brush which really felt like it was separating and coating my lashes really well.
A bottle of Batiste because I forgot to bring any with me and I can't live without it! This is in a travel size bottle which will be very handy. I also brought a travel size bottle of Palmer's Cocoa Butter because I needed something to really moisturise my legs as they'll be making a very rare appearance tomorrow night with my costume (I'm the sort of person to never get my bare legs out!).
Since the theme tomorrow is army girls, or "combat chick" as it says on the costume packaging, I bought Barry M's Racing Green nail paint. It's a very deep, dark green, which I thought was the most flattering out of their green collection, and they have the biggest green collection over any other brand I've seen I might add! Thanks for reading, have a fabulous weekend!


Computergirl said...

Very pretty. I love the racing green ail polish- not one I wear to work, but evenings and weekends ;)

Tali said...

Ahhh you look great!!!!!

How are you finding the dry shampoo... i ust got the hang of mine. I got the tropical flavour!

By the way! I wanted to get high tea and i bought fresh brew by mistake (they are both tea themed) Goddammit now i have to go back to mac lol!!

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