Sunday, 18 October 2009

Beauty finds of the month so far

I am trying to complete my MAC palette, and getting there slowly. MAC shadows are a little pricey so I’m quite happy to fill just the one palette with colours for everyday wear and I’m choosing colours that I know I will wear frequently and not get bored of. The palettes are also useful for travel as it’s more convenient to have all my shadows in one place. Three of the shadows I chose I’ve seen blogged about a lot, and really felt these colours were staples that I had to have in my collection, they are: All That Glitters, Satin Taupe and Shroom. Shroom I think is the perfect highlight colour, it brightens your eyes without being too brassy like a pure white eyeshadow. My fourth choice was close to being Carbon which I consider another staple colour, but I noticed a close shade to this called Typographic. I think Carbon is such a popular shade as it’s possibly MAC’s darkest, closest to black shade. However, I think for a lot of amateurs like myself, black is not a very forgiving colour and unless applied flawlessly can really make your eyes look smaller. After swatching Typographic, which looks incredibly similar to Carbon on first glance, I could see that this was a more muted version of the colour, more of a dusky grey colour, and the consistency was more concentrated yet blendible, a combination I thought would work well for me, so I chose this as the darkest colour in my palette.

Also in the picture is the GOSH Extreme Art eyeliner. I was keen to try this out after being impressed with their various pencil eyeliners, and have not been let down by this. I like GOSH’s colour collection, although it’s not as big as I would like, I feel like they could provide a few more experimental colours, I do like the majority of colours there are to choose from. Some are quite different and might be colours I would usually avoid, for example I’m not a great lover of blue on my eyes, but in the form of a quick line near the lashes, I think it’s possible to be more daring and try out colours you’re afraid of or not used to. I do slightly wish GOSH would work on improving the brush because I don’t find it very user friendly. I have become accustomed to Loreal’s Superliner which as well as being of great quality, is honestly the easiest liquid eyeliners to apply I’ve ever used. So comparing the two, I find the shape of the applicator quite difficult to apply, it’s the same thickness from root to tip, not gradiated like the Loreal liner. I also find that it picks up slightly too much liner so I find myself getting eyeliner in places where it shouldn’t be like on my eyelashes. Hopefully with practice I will learn a better technique in order not to do this.

The other MAC product featured here is High Tea lipstick which I haven’t seemed to put down this month so I will write a little more on that in another post and include a few extra pictures. Sorry the picture quality is not great, the days are getting shorter now we’re getting closer to winter and the lighting once I’m home from work is not great.

Onto my latest hair product purchase, and right now I’m loving this straightening spray which bizarrely, (I found) is a Morrison’s own brand product. I will give a full review of this product very soon, but for now just want to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this product, quite smug in knowing I only paid £1 for it! It’s formulated with vitamin B5 which is a key ingredient in rival brands and seems to be giving my dry, lacklustre blonde locks more of a shine than it used to have, so I'll be updating with a full review of this product very soon.

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Pyxiee said...

Satin Taupe is awesome. I have nevr looked at typographic before but have been wanting a dark colour but agree Carbon is a little intense for a newbie like me!!

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