Sunday, 27 February 2011

Batiste Dry Shampoo with a hint of colour

I've recently tried out Batiste's latest offering which is a dry shampoo with a hint of colour. It is available in three shades: blonde, brunette, and black. The idea is that is does the same job as the normal Batiste dry shampoos but deposits a hint of colour. For those of you familiar with using Batiste, you will also be used to that white deposit usually left behind. Personally, I've never really had an issue with this because a bit of a swish of my hair and it blends in quite nicely. I am however a blonde and I can imagine if I had darker hair this would be a bit of a problem for me. Here is what a generous spray of normal Batiste looks like on my hair.
And here it is after a shake and a brush through.
In hindsight, I can see a little whiteness still, but it's not glaringly obvious to me in person. I just look a little more bleach blonde than honey blonde.
This is an equally generous spray of the tonal Batiste spray in blonde. As you can see, much more of a blonde tint to it.
And after a brush through, voila. There is no white residue at all. It's blended in completely. Whilst I can see the advantage of using this over regular Batiste, as a blonde, I will continue to use the regular version, if for no other reason than it smells nicer! But this is a great alternative for when I'm in even more of a rush than usual, as I noticed I don't have to brush it through as much to blend in with my hair colour. The obvious advantage lies with darker haired ladies where I can imagine the contrast between a white shampoo and dark hair would be slightly more obvious, and a dry shampoo with a darker tone in would solve this issue. Whatever your hair colour, it works a treat and there's no disadvantage of using this over any other dry shampoo.
I was kindly sent this product to sample, but I believe it's available from Superdrug at £2.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Bourjois Bio detox foundation review

For the past couple of weeks, Bourjois Bio Detox has been my foundation of choice. I have really gotten into organic foundations after discovering UNE Skin Glow Foundation and realising organic doesn't have to mean expensive. The organic content is slightly higher in this foundation compared to the Une foundation, (98.8% vs 98.2%) and a higher amount of ingredients from organic farming, (21.9% vs 17.1%) but it's not a huge amount. Aside from the figures, the Bourjois foundation is different in that it contains chlorophyll, which I only know as having something to do with leafs, and not something you'd find in a foundation. It apparently has the advantage over other ingredients of filtering out polutants and bringing in oxygen. I was a little sceptical but this was one of the reasons why I wanted to try. Living in a city is obviously going to be damaging to your skin but if there's a product that can actually reverse the elements your skin is exposed to I think it's worth a try. So far so good. I find the consistency quite similar to the Une foundation. I realise this is a problem for some as it's a little gloopy and cakes up, not applying evenly. For my skin type this is not a problem as the natural oils help to achieve an even finish. Another advantage of this over Une is that after a few hours wear, I'm not greeted by the shine monster. It holds up longer and I don't need to powder. I should add that my skin is at it's driest around this time of year, so come spring and summer is when the real test will be.

I'm also loving the pump design of the bottle which is a lot easier and less messy and probably my most preferred method of getting the foundation out of the bottle.

There's not really much more to add about this product at the moment, it's a very similar product to one I already own and love. Bourjois own Une so I'm not too surprised that they're so similar.
That's all for now, have a great Saturday!
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