Saturday, 5 February 2011

Bourjois Bio detox foundation review

For the past couple of weeks, Bourjois Bio Detox has been my foundation of choice. I have really gotten into organic foundations after discovering UNE Skin Glow Foundation and realising organic doesn't have to mean expensive. The organic content is slightly higher in this foundation compared to the Une foundation, (98.8% vs 98.2%) and a higher amount of ingredients from organic farming, (21.9% vs 17.1%) but it's not a huge amount. Aside from the figures, the Bourjois foundation is different in that it contains chlorophyll, which I only know as having something to do with leafs, and not something you'd find in a foundation. It apparently has the advantage over other ingredients of filtering out polutants and bringing in oxygen. I was a little sceptical but this was one of the reasons why I wanted to try. Living in a city is obviously going to be damaging to your skin but if there's a product that can actually reverse the elements your skin is exposed to I think it's worth a try. So far so good. I find the consistency quite similar to the Une foundation. I realise this is a problem for some as it's a little gloopy and cakes up, not applying evenly. For my skin type this is not a problem as the natural oils help to achieve an even finish. Another advantage of this over Une is that after a few hours wear, I'm not greeted by the shine monster. It holds up longer and I don't need to powder. I should add that my skin is at it's driest around this time of year, so come spring and summer is when the real test will be.

I'm also loving the pump design of the bottle which is a lot easier and less messy and probably my most preferred method of getting the foundation out of the bottle.

There's not really much more to add about this product at the moment, it's a very similar product to one I already own and love. Bourjois own Une so I'm not too surprised that they're so similar.
That's all for now, have a great Saturday!


UrbanMermaid said...

Thanks a lot for the review! I would love to try this one out, the bottle kind of reminds me of Colorstay. Are they similar xx

Onyx said...

I don't really want to admit this...BUT, I haven't tried Colourstay before! Shocking I know. A lot of people compare that one with MAC Studio Fix which I think you could compare the Bourjois one to. It definitely holds up well and gives good coverage. I think because it's an organic product it still manages to look natural and not cakey. MAC can look natural too but Bourjois has the bonus of actually being natural and good for your skin.

Ellen Ross said...

will def be trying this thank you!

dust bunnies and make-up; ❤ said...

great review..! that's so interesting what you said in the beginning,...what chlorophyl does..! :)))
I'm intrigues by this foundation! :)

dust bunnies and make-up; ❤ said...


Momz Blotter said...

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Xiao Xia Nguyen said...

Does bourjois have a color which is kinda yellow instead of rosy, because I am asian and I need a foundation with a more yellow tone into it, do you have some experiences with it?? thanks X

Onyx said...

Hi Xiao.I believe Bourjois carry quite a range of different tones.the one I use is golden toned because I myself have yellow undertones to my skin,and no would be worth trying this shade to see how it compares to your own skin tone,if it doesn't match there's quite a few other shades that might be more suitable.hope that helps! xXx

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