Saturday, 22 January 2011

New Batiste Brit and Une Skin Glow Foundation repurchase

I'm about to go out, but thought I'd do a quick post before I do. I didn't feel like washing my hair tonight so I've just sprayed this all over the roots. It's Batiste's newest dry shampoo, and this one is called Brit. I'm not overly patriotic or anything but I do like the design of the British flag so thought this looked quite cool. The smell is supposedly quintessentially British, which I'm not sure entirely what that means, but when I smelt it, I can kind of see what they mean. It reminds me of walking into a trendy bar or something, if they smelt nice that is. It's quite a unique, fresh scent, which is very different from the other dry shampoo fragrances, I think Blush is still my favourite though. It does the same job as the others, just as well, but it makes a change having a different scent to it, it turns an otherwise dull, practical product into a more interesting one.
I very rarely repurchase foundations, or many things cosmetic for that matter since starting my beauty blog. I, like many other beauty bloggers and make-up lovers, find the need to always be on the hunt for something better, that holy grail product, that really you don't even want to find because you want to keep trying new things! This foundation though has thoroughly impressed me. I know I blogged about it before so you can check out that review if you wish to find out more about it. If anything, I've grown even more of an appreciation for this foundation after using it religiously every day. I rarely have break-outs and feel generally more happy about my skin. The coverage is now pretty much perfect for me since I don't have many blemishes I need to be covering up. I like the way it applies, it rubs in really well and only a little blob is needed. When I went back to by a new one since my first is nearly empty, I was a bit annoyed they didn't have my shade, G06, but luckily I bought G05 which when I got them home, realised there was virtually no difference in colour. I also have the reassurance that if I don't wash my make-up off properly at night, (which obviously I NEVER ever, ever do.......) it's not going to clog up my skin since it has a high organic content. It's worth a try in my opinion.
Enjoy your evening everyone.


AnaVH said...

please could you check out my blog, it would mean a lot, and you are also featured on one of my posts, thanks :)

Sweet Caroline said...

I love the fragrance of this dry shampoo. Batiste keep coming out with such kookie can designs, I them them!

Eleanor Brigitte said...

I love Batiste, their designs on products are brilliant

dust bunnies and make-up; ❤ said...

oh that's awesome that you like the foundation so much!!!!!!!!!! :)))) it sounds like my foundation the Korres ginger & vitamins (but of course it's not nearly as organic as yours!!) and mine is almost like a tinted moisturizer and with a very natural finish, very skin-like !!! :) I want to try the Une one, too haha! :)

naltrexone said...

Batist really has the best design ever!

detox said...

Fantastic products in pretty bottles.

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