Tuesday, 27 January 2009


T'eo is a product that has received many mixed reviews from people. It's loved and hated aswell as left many people undecided if it's a deodrant they want to continue using. I bought this deodrant bar with little expectations, even from a brand such as Lush, I didn't expect I could find a "natural" deodrant that actually worked. Using T'eo has left me pleasantly surprised. This is supposed to be the hardest working of all the Lush deodrants available, with tea tree, lemon and juniper as the active ingredients. The scent of this bar is incredibly zesty and fresh, and when applied correctly, leaves you feeling fresh all day.

The main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate which in its powdered form, along with the magnesium carbonate help to absorb odours. The blue appearance underneath is from the wax that's used to hold the bar together. The best way to apply it, so it stays on for a while is to gently dab the bar on your armpit, rather than rub or roll as you do with a conventional deodrant. I've also found that occasionally filing the bar, for example with a nail file produces more powder and is easier to apply. I'm not sure how I'd feel about this product if I had a lifestyle that included a lot of physical activity and exercise. Admittedly I never use for this gym because I don't have that much faith in it and want to avoid an embarrassing situation, and so do from time to time go back to a conventional anti-perspirant.
I'm really very happy with the way this deodrant works on a day to day basis and so will continue to use it as my everyday deodrant. I do feel like its necessary though for a bit of extra help sometimes so I'm not entirely against using an aluminium based deodrant and at least for the most part I'm avoiding putting harsh chemicals in sensitive areas. Another point to add about this product is it's durability. I'm not sure you could carry this bar around with you in your bag, its quite hard and sturdy but the powder does crumble away and I can imagine it crumbling much quicker if it was to get knocked about too much. I use this pretty much only once or twice a day, and only when I'm home, so there's no need to carry it about for me. It's lasted an incredibly long time too so has potentially saved me a little bit of money.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Up the Wooden Hill

An innovative new product from Lush is the "emotibomb". This is pretty much the same concept as a bath bomb but for your shower. Currently there are four different emotibombs, the one I chose to try out is called "Up the Wooden Hill", chosen because I usually shower in the evening and the other emotibombs contained ingredients meant to awaken you whereas this one contains sleep inducing ingredients such as lavendar and camomile.

I'm a huge fan of the Lush bath ballistics and bubble bars so I was expecting great things with this product too. I'm sorry to say that the idea of this product appeals to me much more than the reality. I didn't really know how to use this product, the instructions just say to place it on the floor of your shower and when the water hits the bomb it creates a steam. I put this in my shower at the start, and the scent it created was really lovely, but by the time I'd moved on to shampooing/conditioner/shower gel, I didn't really notice the smell anymore.
In hidsight, I could've used the emotibomb after my other cleaning rituals and I might've enjoyed the fragrance a little longer. But the idea of standing in the shower isn't quite as relaxing as lying in the bath which for me defeated the purpose of the product. The scent is very calming though so I'd consider using it again maybe as a bath bomb so the product doesn't end up washed away within minutes.

Thursday, 15 January 2009


I stumbled upon this one accidently, after leaving my Angels on Bare Skin behind at a friend's house. Not being able to live without my miracle facewash I had to buy some more. However when I was inside Lush, like any other time I'm in there I can't help but look at every other item the shop has to offer. I always find the displays enticing, especially when you get to see the items full size before they've been measured and cut down.
This facial cleanser is aimed at oilier and problem skin, moreso than Angels I think. The label states: "Join the cult and achieve beautiful skin. Clean, Control excess oil, prevent breakouts."
Herbalism is quite similar to Angels in the way it appears and the way you use it. Although it's a vibrant green colour, the consistency is much like Angels although not at as sludgy, and more crumbly. Again you just need to take a pea-sized amount, mix it with a drop of water and rub together to form a paste like substance. Herbalism does however have a few obvious differences to Angels. Namely the smell of the products are VERY different. I've noticed some people comment on the smell of Angels not being very pleasant. All I can say is if you don't like it, then you should probably give this a miss because the smell of Herbalism was almost enough to put me off buying the product. I do believe though, that the ingredients that go into Lush products are picked for their individual properties and it's what make them works so well, so I accept that sometimes, they aren't going to smell too pretty.
If you can get past the smell, this is another very effective face wash. It contains Nettle, Rosemary, Rice Vinegar Extract (this is what makes you shudder when you smell it), Rose, Chamomile oil and Sage oil, which work together to absorb excess oil on your face as well as having antiseptic and soothing properties. Weirdly, because I haven't seen this anywhere else, it contains Chlorophyll to "balance and protect the skin".
I don't know if Herbalism will replace Angels for me, but after using it for over a week now I am very happy with the result I get with it. I do have an oily t-zone, especially around the nose area and this is particularly good in helping to clear that. I'm finally growing out of teenage skin though and Angels is a milder way to control any excess oil I do get. After finishing this I will probably go back to Angels and then use Herbalism during the summer months when my skin often plays up a little more than usual. Both products are priced the same so if you've used Angels before but found it's not helped your problem skin, then this is worth giving a try.
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