Sunday, 18 January 2009

Up the Wooden Hill

An innovative new product from Lush is the "emotibomb". This is pretty much the same concept as a bath bomb but for your shower. Currently there are four different emotibombs, the one I chose to try out is called "Up the Wooden Hill", chosen because I usually shower in the evening and the other emotibombs contained ingredients meant to awaken you whereas this one contains sleep inducing ingredients such as lavendar and camomile.

I'm a huge fan of the Lush bath ballistics and bubble bars so I was expecting great things with this product too. I'm sorry to say that the idea of this product appeals to me much more than the reality. I didn't really know how to use this product, the instructions just say to place it on the floor of your shower and when the water hits the bomb it creates a steam. I put this in my shower at the start, and the scent it created was really lovely, but by the time I'd moved on to shampooing/conditioner/shower gel, I didn't really notice the smell anymore.
In hidsight, I could've used the emotibomb after my other cleaning rituals and I might've enjoyed the fragrance a little longer. But the idea of standing in the shower isn't quite as relaxing as lying in the bath which for me defeated the purpose of the product. The scent is very calming though so I'd consider using it again maybe as a bath bomb so the product doesn't end up washed away within minutes.

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