Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Birthday OOTD

Quick little OOTD post. I'm wearing my favourite pair of black Topshop jeans, these are the high waisted Kristen jeans, sorry if you've seen these in a tonne of my other posts, but I love them!
I love this cobalt blue top. This was a gift from my Mum. I love the gold buttons and when this isn't tucked in, it has a nice flattering shape to it. This blouse is also available in a bright red and white version, the latter I am tempted to buy with my Topshop gift card!Shoes are from ages ago, but I barely wear them because they're mega uncomfortable. I'm not going anywhere tonight though because I've done too much before my birthday and have plans for later in the week so need to save some pennies!
Tomorrow I'm off to Bath to visit a friend and will be back on Thursday so I will show you lots of pics from my trip. I'm quite excited to go somewhere new!

Be Happy

I saw this tag on one of my favourite blogs Superficial Girls and decided to do it as I think it would be great if lots of bloggers did this to spread the joy. It is the "Be Happy" tag where basically you post 5 things that make you happy, as simple and sweet as that!
I'm not sure if she SG started this herself, but she says "Do a blog post about 5 things that make you happy and include a picture of yourself smiling or something that makes you happy! I tag everyone!!"
1. Music
I put this as my number one because I literally couldn't live without it. Music is incorporated into every aspect of my life, in the words of Eric Olson "Music is what life sounds like." Too true.
2. Friends & Family
I hold dear everyone who's a part of my life.
3. Blogging
Of course! I love having this little outlet to share with you all. Reading your comments and your own blogs is a little source of happiness for me.
4. London
I find plenty to moan about living here, but when it really boils down to it, this is one of the finest cities and I love my London.
5. Outdoors
Nothing beats being outdoors in the sunshine, but I love and appreciate nature and a bit of fresh air any time of the year. I love to walk, it really clears my head, I could walk for miles somedays.
So there's my five things that make me happy. Today is also my birthday!! So that's another thing to be happy for I guess. Let me know what yours are!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Lush Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask Review

I recently traded in 5 black pots at Lush to receive a free face mask. I have used a couple of Lush masks before and always like to try something new so this time I chose Cosmetic Warrior. I'm surprised I hadn't tried this one before. It contains tea tree oil, which is pretty much the dominant smell when you open the lid, and also happens to be one of my favourite ingredients of skin care. It has natural anti-bacterial properties so is great at combatting spots.
Lush masks feel like a real treat, even though they're quite inexpensive compared to some brands, and in this case, completely free! I think they're great for prepping yourself for a night out, but I would suggest possibly doing the face mask a few nights before you go out as it brings spots to the surface the next day. This does not mean the mask causes spots, but it draws all your impurities out.

This mask has a nice feel to it as it dries. It contains eggs which you can feel give the tightening effect on your skin, but it also contains honey, so when washed off, you're left feeling nice and moisturised. Definite thumbs up from me.
I feel I've been missing from the blogging sphere for a while. I've been back at my parents house in the Midlands for a few days and didn't take my laptop. Sometimes I think it's nice to have a little break, though I have missed it. Whilst up there my brother turned 30, so I went out for a surprise meal for him to celebrate. It was a lovely evening, in one of my favourite restaurants in the town I was born in. It's a little family run Italian restaurant and the food there is absolutely amazing, as is the service.
I also finally got to meet my best friend's little baby boy called Harry, who at 11 months, is surprisingly not so little anymore! I'd only seen him in photographs before and was expecting the same tiny little man, but he's grown so much.
I've had a lovely few days up there, but I'm back home now with lots of posts lined up. Now to sit and catch up with your lovely blogs!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Weekend Overview 6th/7th August

Over the weekend I went to check out Mevali in Greenwich which is a hookah bar and restaurant. I have to say it wasn't quite what I had in mind having been to a few hookah lounges in the past. When you walk through the door you feel like you've stepped into a cafe with lots of tea making paraphernalia on view. It's only when you walk right through and step into the back yard of the restaurant that it becomes more like a hookah lounge with lots of benches and heated umbrellas above. I found this layout, although it made hookah seem more of a daytime affair than an evening one, is very homely and welcoming. We ordered watermelon flavour hookah and I love the way they look, I want one of these in my home. I realise it's not the healthiest of past-times, but it's nowhere near as bad as regular smoking as it doesn't contain all the carcinogens of cigarettes and there is something very relaxing about hookah and it's a nice way to spend an evening chilling out with friends. We ordered a large plate of mezze too which was full of delicious little bites.On Sunday, I dodged the showers and managed to hire a rowing boat out on the lake without getting rained on. We went to Danson park, because sometimes it's lovely driving out, in the opposite direction to the city. Much quieter and peaceful.
Hope you had a lovely weekend too, I will be posting a few reviews this week including the MAC and Lush products I bought, aswell as some He-Shi and Purity products so watch out for those.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

In and Out Part Deux

These were meant to be a regular post of mine, but they never really took off. Oh well, here's part two of things I am currently loving and not-so-much loving.


  • Drinking ice-cold coke from a glass bottle, it tastes a million times better in glass in my opinion.

  • Having more than one "good" piece of mail, i.e. things I have ordered, arrive in one day.

  • Discovering that I can successfully paint the tips of my nails without it looking a complete mess. I decided to jazz up GOSH Light Rose with some Barry M Shocking Pink tips.

  • Charlie Simpson and his solo career. Busted was a minor glitch for Charlie, but since he's departed he's done some pretty good songs, check them out.


  • Magazines being a month ahead, and seeing the word "September" on the front of one, reminds me that it's nearly Autumn which I find a mildy depressing thought.

  • Lack of inbetween weather, it's all or nothing with our summers.
  • My messy hair. If I was a celebrity, my hair would almost certainly be in the "out" column of any magazine, it's wild and unruly. I'm sorting it out on Monday.

  • Cher Lloyd. I actually liked her first audition, but I went more and more off her as the show went on, and now she's released Swagger Jagger, I have no more love left.

NOTD Oh My good GOSH!

GOSH nail polishes never used to have me reaching toward them, I always thought they looked a bit nasty, I don't know, like they'd been manhandled by hundreds of people and sat there for years, and I found this in every Superdrug that stocked them. Lately though, they've booked up their ideas and have released some attractive shades and seem to be taking better care of stock replenishment. The latest addition to the GOSH collection is these little darlings that like a slogan t-shirt read "OH MY GOSH". They remind me of Collection 2000's hot shots nail polishes which were basically smaller, cheaper versions of their original collection in a wider mix of colours. This is good because a) you probably won't use all of it up anyway, and b) you are paying less for it. The colours in the range are all very different and eye-catching, this one: 023 Light Rose particularly caught my eye. It's basically a very very pale pink verging on white. I was sort of hoping it would be a little creamier in colour, I'm searching for that perfect "wedding" shade. I'm not getting married any time soon but ever since I heard about Catherine Middleton supposedly wearing Bourjois' Rose Lounge, I wanted to find a similar alternative. This is a gorgeous shade in it's own right but I don't think this is it. Although very pretty and dainty looking compared to some shades I normally wear, it's still quite obvious and I think "wedding nails" are all about looking as natural as possible. I'm sure I have a long time to keep up the search though...

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Recent Jewellery Finds

Close to where I live there is a large store which is made up of a few different high street shops such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse etc...kind of like a mini-department store. Recently they had a very generous sale on where many items were half price. I rather hastily removed all of the packaging and price tags but I know that nothing I bought from them cost over £3. The alphabet earrings in the above photo were from Miss Selfridge, around £2 and I thought they were a bit novel and cute and very me. I like wearing a mismatching colour combo.This ring I had spotted a long time ago in Miss Selfridge and always thought it was very pretty but held off buying it because there was always something else that would catch my eye more than this. It's very pretty and sparkly but I can only wear it for going out as it's a bit too much for day time I feel. This was £3 down from £10. I recently lost my silver leaf earrings from Accessorize, well more to the point I lost one of them which still means I can't wear them unless I want to start a trend of wearing completely mismatched earrings, which I don't. These weren't an exact replacement but I like them just as much. They look kind of old and rustic which I like. They were £2 instead of £4 from Topshop.
The earrings above were not one of my sale finds but from one of my favourite jewellery shops which can be found in Greenwich market. The shop is called Autumn and May, (and you can click here to find out more about them) and they do some wonderful pieces of jewellery. Occasionally I like to buy something from there because I know it's highly unlikely I'll see someone else wearing it and the quality is far better than high street clothes shop jewellery! I bought these little orange triangle studs as I found them quite cute and needed just a basic stud that I can rely on for wearing to work and such like. They remind me of pizza slices oddly.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Weekend Overview 30th/31st July

Hello everyone. Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. I headed into town on Saturday with the boy, the weather was glorious and our aim of the afternoon was to find a nice pub to have a drink. Apparently everyone else had that same idea, and every outdoor seat seemed to be occupied. We went over to Soho and found a nice little Moroccan/Turkish restaurant which was also a hookah lounge. We both had a Casablanca which is a Moroccan beer and it tasted nicer than I expected, I think beer is pretty much beer in every corner of the world, which is not spoken like the Burtonian that I am (I was born in Burton in the Midlands, which literally comes from "Beer-town", as it was once the brewing capital of Europe).
After our beer, and some Fatayer (gorgeous little spinach and onion mezze dish) we went round to the M&M factory which was nearby. Spread over four floors, this was what I imagine Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to be like, only this was all M&M's. I have never seen so many pieces of merchandise dedicated to one sweet in one place before, nor did I expect so many people to be in there! I wanted to experience this for myself after seeing it in photographs, but I'm not sure I will be setting foot in this crazy place again. I thought the little stuffed toys that were shaped like M&M's were cute and not too pricey at £12, but a little case of one colour M&M's cost £5 which is quite frankly a complete rip off.
I've been meaning to take this photo for a while, every time we drive home from central London. I'm sure I could get a better shot if I wasn't in a moving vehicle but I love this view of a church in front of the yet to be finished Shard building.Sunday was spent getting well out of the city and soaking up some country air. We drove an hour to a place called Bewl Water, quite close to Tunbridge Wells, it feels a million miles away from a city, and it the perfect little getaway spot. We've enjoyed cycling here a couple of times, but this weekend was too hot for that so we parked up near the lake and had a little walk, some lunch and an ice-cream and basked in the sunshine. I didn't realise, but there was lots of lavendar or heather near the lake and hundreds of honey bees. It kind of ruined the moment when I had to run through it as I'm terrified of bees and wasps.I've had a bit of an obsession with camper vans for about a decade now, which is long enough to justify buying one. This one caught my eye whilst we were out walking. I don't know what it is about them, they conjure up images of road trips to far away places. I snapped a couple of photos of these pigs, I'm sure they don't mind! I used to love pigs so much as a child, I went so far as having a pig stencil around my bedroom, and a shelf full of pig ornaments. I'm sure that's not information I should be proud of, but surely you can see the cuteness in these creatures?!
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