Wednesday, 3 August 2011

In and Out Part Deux

These were meant to be a regular post of mine, but they never really took off. Oh well, here's part two of things I am currently loving and not-so-much loving.


  • Drinking ice-cold coke from a glass bottle, it tastes a million times better in glass in my opinion.

  • Having more than one "good" piece of mail, i.e. things I have ordered, arrive in one day.

  • Discovering that I can successfully paint the tips of my nails without it looking a complete mess. I decided to jazz up GOSH Light Rose with some Barry M Shocking Pink tips.

  • Charlie Simpson and his solo career. Busted was a minor glitch for Charlie, but since he's departed he's done some pretty good songs, check them out.


  • Magazines being a month ahead, and seeing the word "September" on the front of one, reminds me that it's nearly Autumn which I find a mildy depressing thought.

  • Lack of inbetween weather, it's all or nothing with our summers.
  • My messy hair. If I was a celebrity, my hair would almost certainly be in the "out" column of any magazine, it's wild and unruly. I'm sorting it out on Monday.

  • Cher Lloyd. I actually liked her first audition, but I went more and more off her as the show went on, and now she's released Swagger Jagger, I have no more love left.


Rabbia said...

totally agree with the cola, although im trying to give up the coke! sept issue, as if the year isnt going fast enuf! ah cher lloyd poor, lass if she wasnt trying so hard to be cool, maybe i'd still like her too!!

Onyx said...

@Rabbia, I know, coke is so unhealthy! But as a treat every now and again I think its ok! Cher just makes me cringe. xXx

Lydia said...

Coke from the bottle is definitely nicer! We only buy it at Christmas so it reminds me of that :)
Oooh and no, the September issues of magazines are the best! Can't wait to pick some up xx

Onyx said...

@ Lydia, I love autumn fashion and I'm sure it's a great's just that it's September! I can't accept the fact it's nearly autumn :(

Hannah said...

I love these kinds of posts! Definitely keep them up :)

Hannah xox

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

If you can maintain messy hair in summer, you are my hero. x hivenn p.s enter my giveaway?

Onyx said...

@Hannah, thanks! I think I will. :) xXx
@Jazzy, sadly I can't maintain my hair. :( xXx

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