Monday, 1 August 2011

Weekend Overview 30th/31st July

Hello everyone. Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. I headed into town on Saturday with the boy, the weather was glorious and our aim of the afternoon was to find a nice pub to have a drink. Apparently everyone else had that same idea, and every outdoor seat seemed to be occupied. We went over to Soho and found a nice little Moroccan/Turkish restaurant which was also a hookah lounge. We both had a Casablanca which is a Moroccan beer and it tasted nicer than I expected, I think beer is pretty much beer in every corner of the world, which is not spoken like the Burtonian that I am (I was born in Burton in the Midlands, which literally comes from "Beer-town", as it was once the brewing capital of Europe).
After our beer, and some Fatayer (gorgeous little spinach and onion mezze dish) we went round to the M&M factory which was nearby. Spread over four floors, this was what I imagine Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to be like, only this was all M&M's. I have never seen so many pieces of merchandise dedicated to one sweet in one place before, nor did I expect so many people to be in there! I wanted to experience this for myself after seeing it in photographs, but I'm not sure I will be setting foot in this crazy place again. I thought the little stuffed toys that were shaped like M&M's were cute and not too pricey at £12, but a little case of one colour M&M's cost £5 which is quite frankly a complete rip off.
I've been meaning to take this photo for a while, every time we drive home from central London. I'm sure I could get a better shot if I wasn't in a moving vehicle but I love this view of a church in front of the yet to be finished Shard building.Sunday was spent getting well out of the city and soaking up some country air. We drove an hour to a place called Bewl Water, quite close to Tunbridge Wells, it feels a million miles away from a city, and it the perfect little getaway spot. We've enjoyed cycling here a couple of times, but this weekend was too hot for that so we parked up near the lake and had a little walk, some lunch and an ice-cream and basked in the sunshine. I didn't realise, but there was lots of lavendar or heather near the lake and hundreds of honey bees. It kind of ruined the moment when I had to run through it as I'm terrified of bees and wasps.I've had a bit of an obsession with camper vans for about a decade now, which is long enough to justify buying one. This one caught my eye whilst we were out walking. I don't know what it is about them, they conjure up images of road trips to far away places. I snapped a couple of photos of these pigs, I'm sure they don't mind! I used to love pigs so much as a child, I went so far as having a pig stencil around my bedroom, and a shelf full of pig ornaments. I'm sure that's not information I should be proud of, but surely you can see the cuteness in these creatures?!

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ashleighjoan said...

cute piggies! i have an obession with animals.

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