Friday, 31 July 2009

Latest goodies - Barry M lipgloss, GOSH professional eyeshadow brush, Elite eyeshadow

I picked up a few things yesterday. I only went in for the spray bottle after melting and deforming my last one, (I was trying to get the last of my facial cleanser out using the Michelle Phan lipgloss technique, apparently this doesn’t work with cheap plastic bottles) but as usual got more than I intended. I thought I'd try out this flat eyeshadow brush from GOSH. I haven’t seen any reviews of these in the blogging world so I wasn't sure what to expect. I’m generally happy with the quality of GOSH products so at just over £6, thought I could give this a go. I’m in need of more eye brushes, so using cheaper ones is a way of finding out which brush shape and textures I like, before committing too much money on high quality brushes, and if it turns out to be good quality then it’s a bonus. I thought this flat eyeshadow brush would be suitable for both applying shadow to the lid and crease, and so far I've used it for my crease colour and have nothing negative to say. It's a natural hair brush, so feels real soft and applies really decently, I got very precise application of eyeshadow, like a cut-crease effect, which was easy to blend with the brush for a softer look. I’m still on the hunt for a brush I can use on the outer corner though.
This eyeshadow is by Elite, which I’ve only seen in London Superdrugs, and I don’t know much about its reputation. It’s not a brand that I reach to usually, I guess through unfamiliarity, but I noticed they had some items in clearance, so this single shadow was half price at just under £3. Quite a bargain I thought, and I love the colour, it’s called Marron Glacé which is also the name of a Bourjois eyeshadow I have but don’t wear very much. This is quite different in colour to that, so I'm still none the wiser about what exactly a marron glacé is, and is very easily wearable for everyday, suitable for just a wash of colour over the lid. I find the consistency of these shadows really unique, it’s a powder, but has almost a creamy texture, and so glides on really smoothly. You can apply it lightly for a sheen, or build it up to have a heavier powder look.

Here's my obligatory face of the day using the products I bought. I'm honestly not as sad as I look, I'm looking down so you can see the shadow properly! I've used it with my No.7 eyeshadow trio in a name I'm sure you'll love: Twilight! It's a basic grey, white and black for classic smokey eyes. I used the white as a highlight, black in the crease and more condensed in the outer corner, with the grey on the inner corner. I used the Elite eyeshadow all over the lid, building it up for a more dramatic look.

The Barry M lipgloss, I bought purely for the smell which is not a good premise for buying something, I know, but as soon as I smelt it, it reminded me of childhood and happy memories. I’ve since figured out what it smells exactly like Jelly Babies! It wasn’t even my favourite colour in the collection, it was actually the toffee smelling one that caught my eye the most, but to me, this had the best smell. This is a great colour though, quite frosty, I’d describe it as a baby pink with lilac undertones, I can imagine this looking great over a lilac lipstick like Lavender Whip. I'm by far no lipgloss expert, but of all the brands I've tried, this has great staying power, even better than MAC! It's quite sticky, which to me means good, because it will stay, but not too sticky that it doesn't feel nice on your lips. Definitely something I will be repurchasing and trying out other shades, I just wish these were named rather than referred to by numbers, that's really all I can criticise these lipglosses on!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Free James Brown Hair Mask

I was quite excited to receive my Marie Claire in the post this morning when I saw a white tube within the packaging. I didn't even know what it was, but it was quite big and it was free and that was all that mattered. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out what it was - a hair mask by James Brown. If you're not familiar with who James Brown is, he is Kate Moss's personal hairdresser and also the style director for GHD hair products. He has worked on many fashion shoots and catwalk shows and his own range of hair care products is available to buy from places like Boots. His approach to hair is creating a simple and naturally sexy look, having styled some celebrities who's hairstyle I really admire such as Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller. I mentioned in a recent post I need to get in to the habit of using hair masks, so I'm looking forward to using this product and letting you know how I get on with it.

Has anyone else used James Brown's hair care, or this particular mask?

Beauty Product of the Month - July: Redken Extreme Iron Repair

I’m sure I’m not alone in my love for straightening or curling my hair. If I knew I could do it without damaging my hair, I’d use it heat on it every day. Unfortunately that’s not the case and so when I do use heat, whether it be straighteners, or even just a blowdryer, I want to know that my hair is being protected as best as possible. So when it comes to hair care, I’m prepared to splurge a little, especially since my shampoo and regular conditioner is very affordable (I’m a Herbal Essences kinda girl). I decided to buy Redken’s Heat Protective Extreme™ Iron Repair while I was in my salon since as a complimentary, introductory offer, I could receive £5 off hair care products. This was about £15 originally, so it was a good offer. If I was smart I would’ve used it in conjunction with the other offer they had on this product which was buy get one half price, but I didn’t know if I’d like it so just wanted to try it out first.

So this is a heat-activated protector for distressed/dull hair, so the bottle says. You apply it to your hair after washing whilst it’s still damp and it helps to reinforce and restructure your hair when heat is applied. This is a great product because it works not just by protecting your hair, it’s also a treatment so can repair some of the damage already done. This is good for me because I regularly have highlights, and while I don’t use bleach, I’m still stripping my hair of colour so it can be prone to dry bits towards the bottom. Used over time, this really makes a difference to even quite damaged, straw-like hair. I’m not advocating you get your hair in such a state, but if it happens, there is a product that can work wonders! It smells gorgeous too, with a smell that reminds me of a cross between hair salons and holidays, sorry I can’t be more descriptive than that, it just smells really yummy! I need the smallest amount of this product, a pea sized amount will do, even for my long and thick hair.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Blog Lovin

Just a quick post to say that I am now on Blog Lovin if you wish to follow me there. xxx

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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Another Tag

I saw this open tag on lydiaoc's blog so decided to do it. I'm also tagging anybody that wishes to do it!

Whats your favourite makeup look?
I’d probably describe it as a golden smokey eye. Gold toned shadow on the lid, darker brown in the crease, smokey black/dark brown in the outer corner. Brown or black eyeliner, peachy/pink blush and a nude lip. Pretty simple really.

What part of your body do you love?
My waist and hips ratio. Although lately the waist is catching up with the hips...

Who is your beauty icon?
Sienna Miller, I think she’s effortlessly gorgeous, I love the clothes she wears, and she comes across a really nice person too.

What beauty products instantly make you feel sexy?
False eyelashes. They work wonders.

How do you look after your skin?
I use products that work well for me. Angels on Bare Skin facial wash, Simple gentle cleanser/N0.7 Oil balancing cleanser, Simple toner/Lush Tea Tree Water, Simple Light Moisturiser. Eat well, lots of vitamin C (very important for nice skin), and drink lots of water.

What is your signature scent?
Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, although I think I need to update it, I’m maybe getting too old for it now.

What are your hair secrets?
Avoid using heat every single day, try to have some days where I let my hair go natural and do it’s own wild thing, it’s not pretty but hey, neither is damaged hair. Heat protection lotions and potions, Redken Extreme iron repair is pretty good, and I use Aussie 3 minute miracle one to two times a week in place of my normal conditioner. Not really secrets I know, but this is how I care for my hair.

How do you pamper yourself?
Nice long bubble bath usually does the job, with as many Lush products as possible.

What is your pet peeve?
I have a few, but beauty pet peeves would be those god awful hair extensions where it’s really obvious and looks like two hair styles going on. I also don’t like it when girls stop applying their foundation at their jawline, especially when the foundation shade is at least 3 shades darker than their natural skin colour.

What would be your desert island must haves?
A good book, ipod, razor, mascara, large strawhat, pillow, chocolate...

Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?
I think beauty is the entire package, having flawless make up can make you pretty, but being a good person will make you beautiful.

Make-up Product of the Month - July: More Barry M Nail Paints

Because I loved the first two I bought, yesterday I went back for more! I bought Grey and Cyan Blue (293&294) and compared to all the other drugstore colours, these are very unique, I wish more brands would sell more adventurous colours like these. The blues especially by Barry M are very striking. This post is cheating slightly because the idea behind Product of the Month posts is that I’ve had chance to try out the product a few times during the month. To be quite honest I haven’t purchased much this month (times are hard), and nothing really standout enough to call product of the month. I know I bought this only yesterday, but I love it and think it deserves a mention. Blue can be quite a dodgy colour to wear on your nails, you really want to avoid looking like you’ve been out in the cold too long. Because these colours are so vibrant and glossy it’s very unlikely to look like that, and I love how much coverage is achieved from just one coat. The other colour I got was Grey, again I like this for being so unusual, I get really bored of the same safe pinks, peaches and reds and I really feel like your nails are the one place you can try outlandish colours, literally every colour of the rainbow! Also in this picture is yet another Batiste shampoo because I am obsessed with this stuff. Lately I’ve been washing my hair every day so I’ve not really been using it, but when it’s not this warm, I tend to wash every other day, and this is nice to just freshen up on those days I don’t wash. This one’s in Diva which I kind of feel is packaged wrongly because it looks like it should have glitter in it. Then the fragrance of it is “heady oriental” which I don’t really think goes with the Diva theme, but it smells good all the same. I tried it out and I think they’ve actually improved on their original formula because this left my head a lot less chalky than the other cans. Not that it was much of a problem before, just a quick brush, et voila, nice fresh hair.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Baby Beauty Queens

I’m writing this post in light of a programme I watched last night on BBC3, Baby Beauty Queens. If you missed it, you can watch it here on BBC iPlayer

It’s about a beauty pageant called the Mini Miss UK and follows three entrants as they prepare for it. I couldn’t help but watch it feeling sorry for these girls. I got the impression that for the most part, they were not entering the competition because they really wanted to, but were fulfilling their mother’s own dreams through them. I have no problem with girls wanting to wear makeup, I’m sure at 9 years old, my Mum would let me wear some glittery makeup to a party, but it was never forced on me. I remember looking through her makeup and trying things on, feeling really grown up. But even then I thought it was something to look forward to when I was older, and it wasn’t really until I was about 14 when I’d start buying makeup. I think it’s kind of cute that little girls want to try out make up and have a curiosity in it, to me a little bit of makeup is no worse than face paint. But when that makeup is the same amount an adult glamour model would wear, it is a little too far. I didn’t feel like these children were allowed to just be children, they were literally mini versions of their mothers. My issue with this programme wasn’t that the pageant was wrong, but the way these children had been entered in to the pageant, there was one girl who seemed to have been brain washed by her Mum in to thinking being beautiful was everything, another who just clearly didn’t want to do it and another who I actually didn’t mind because it seemed like she was trying to achieve something for herself personally, and after the pageant, it had clearly boosted her confidence. I suppose this was a controversial programme, and there’s no right or wrong answers to the questions that it posed, if nothing else, it’s helped me see how when you become a mother, your actions are going to be watched very closely by your children. I’m a long way off having kids of my own but I hope when I have a daughter of my own she won’t watch me applying make up and feeling like she needs it to be beautiful, but she’ll enjoy being a child having it to look forward to. It must sound pretty hypocritical coming from me, I mean come on I write a blog dedicated to beauty, but really, it is just a hobby of mine, I'm old enough to make my own decisions and I was never forced into the whole beauty-loving world. I think it's important to care about how you look, it does make you feel better when you're looking good, but as a child, this really wasn't much of my concern. Childhood is really the only time you feel truly carefree.

Did anybody else watch this and feel a little disturbed? How young were you when you discovered make up?

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

MAC Colour Craft

I’m over the worst of my cold that seems to be hanging on as long as it can, and decided it would be a fantastic idea to celebrate being well again by shopping! I went to Westfield, which I know are amazing shopping centres, I went to my first one in San Francisco and then used to shop in the Derby one when I lived with my parents, but WOW this one was huge. So thanks, legseleven7 for mentioning this place. It was a bit far out on the tube for me, 12 stops, I’ve never been underground that long, it was a bit scary but worth it, even if my legs are aching now from too much walking around, (I feel like these places are designed to get you lost so you never leave).Before I start talking about my shopping experience I just want to have a little moan here about the prices in MAC, they have crept back up to the old price they were before tax was reduced. Someone informed me that when VAT was dropped down to 15% it was only a temporary thing and that it would go back up again, I didn’t know this but I assumed this was the reason MAC had upped their price tags. However, looking at my receipt, VAT is still 15% so basically, MAC are cashing in on the extra profit. Sorry to moan about this but I find it really disgusting that so many places do this, the whole point of dropping VAT was to get the public spending again. I know it doesn’t seem like you save a lot, and those weird price tags were slightly annoying, but it all adds up. We pay so much more for things than most of the world anyway.

Although the MAC store was really busy, there wasn’t really anybody looking at the new collections, good for me because that’s what I wanted to see. Naked Honey is honestly as disappointing as everyone claims it to be. I mean it’s good that they’ve focussed on body care and perfumes to make it a little different, but I would have preferred less of that and more make-up products. The highlighters were quite appealing, I liked the honeycomb embossed pattern, but I felt like they could’ve done more with it, like some really rich honey toned bronzers and eyeshadows. Maybe could’ve designed some nail lacquers or gel bronzers, to look like set honey! I don’t know, just something more appealing and creative. I think one reason I feel disappointed by many collections is MAC is an expensive brand, if it was cheaper, I’m sure I’d buy a lot more things, and get most items from the new collections. But for the money I’m paying, although I know MAC is brilliant quality, I also want to know that I’m getting something quite special and not too dupable. In the Naked Honey collection, I really liked one of the perfumes, but I ended up buying nothing at all because I don’t really like to buy myself perfume and when I thought about it, although I liked the smell of honey, didn’t really want to smell like it, I’m terrified of bugs and I imagined smelling of honey could attract insects to me!

Colour Craft was much more appealing to me, again slightly disappointing, as most collections seem to be. I thought I would really love the eyeshadows...I didn’t. In person they were nicer than I imagined but just nothing stood out to me. The colours that were put together to form one eyeshadow, in my opinion, were not all that compatible. I would have preferred them if there was a colour I could use for each part of my eye (lid, crease, outer corner and highlight) as for me, the purpose of buying them would be for travel, to cut down on the amount of makeup I carry around with me! The only one I thought had compatible colours was Natural Flare, but all four colours had the same consistency, all really shimmery, I think it would have worked better if the highlight was more matte.

The product I wanted the most from this collection was actually the 226 brush, and yes it’s sad but I was really looking forward to adding it to my extremely modest collection. I don’t own enough brushes and certainly not enough eye brushes and I’d heard such great things I felt like I needed this brush. Obviously a lot of other people thought this too because after 2 days of release, the brush was sold out! I am pretty gutted because if I went yesterday like I had planned too I would’ve got my hands on one, in fact the MA said an hour ago when she looked there were 4 left. I stopped off at another MAC en route back home but the brush was sold out there too. It’s still available on the website so I might buy it.
So what I did buy then: MSF in Triple Fusion, my first MSF! I thought I’d allow myself to be sucked in to the novelty of the three colours in one, and actually it’s quite practical this way because I have the option of mixing all the colours together or wearing them individually, the colours are suitable for a blush on one side, and the other two are more for bronzing. I guess it looks pretty dark compared to other MSF’s but it doesn’t have amazing colour pay off, it’s very sheer and shimmery. I like it though, it’s really pretty, I know it’s unappealing to a lot of people to have shimmery products, but I’m actually quite partial to a bit of shimmer! Which is just as well because the mineralise blush is also on the shimmery side. I chose Hand-Finished.When I bought Springsheen a while back, I very nearly bought a mineralise blush then because it was recommended, but back then I thought my makeup talent was so poor I wouldn’t be able to use it with a nice finish! Even though this has a few colours in it, it’s easily blendable, and like the MSF it’s very sheer and shimmery. I’m looking forward to playing around with these two products tomorrow, and see if the colour can be built up, I’m trying to imagine how shimmery I could be if I wore all the Colour Craft products together...

Just throwing this in because I picked this up today too. Matches my skin tone much better and hopefully be OK for evenings in the summer when I want a bit more coverage for going out. Has anyone used this before? I chose this over SFF because this one seems better for oily skin and summertime.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Products I miss...

It’s interesting to see what products people regret buying, it’s one of the things that I love about blogging, people give honest opinions about products which can help me decide whether a product is something worth buying. I know everyone is different and what might not work for one person can be another persons favourite product but I am definitely more inclined to try a product that has been reviewed by a blogger than what the product’s advertisement has claimed it can do. Anyway, I have wondered whether there are any products, not that you regret buying, but which you can no longer find. So this post will feature products I have bought in the past that I can no longer find because they’re not available in my country, or have been discontinued and that I really miss.

Firstly makeup. These liquid eyeshadows were real favourites of mine. I use a primer now, but before I discovered Too Faced Shadow Insurance, these were what I would use. The eyeglide from Revlon was a particular favourite, you just twist the bottom and the right amount of product would appear at the top, no product was wasted from this design. I bought one in taupe in the States but then when I came back to England, could not find it anywhere, so had to settle for this denim colour. It’s still a pretty neutral colour, not as blue as you would expect so it worked well under most eyeshadows. Also the Loreal Colr Resist eyeshadow wands were something I kept reaching for. The taupe and light gold really set me eyeshadow, and just gave it that extra boost of colour. I miss liquid eyeshadows like these and noticed they’re increasingly hard to find. I’m not sure why because they seem a good product to me.
This eyeshadow quad is one of my favourites, and I’m amazed by how long it’s lasted me. All four colours work really well together for a neutral eyeshadow look with just a hint of colour, and these earthy colours suit me down to the ground. The texture is really great and I’ve rarely got creasing from these shadows, even from my old job in the café where I would sometimes work 10hr shifts! I’m pretty sure these are still available to buy in America but they were never released here in the UK so I don’t know when I will be able to get my hands on a replacement.
I’m kind of picky when it comes to hairsprays, I really don’t want my hair to feel or look crunchy from using it. I was so happy with this Aussie spray because it’s designed for flexible hold, so is perfect for what I needed it for, the only time I use hairspray really is when I curl it. Even though I think in the UK we have a bigger range of Aussie products than in the US, this is a product we’re missing. It’s a shame because I think it would sell really well. I’m always disappointed by the hairspray selection available because it’s all in those big pressurised cans. This spray is different because it sprays on like a water based spray, much better for the environment too!
Finally this lipstick, I should really throw it away, because I don’t remember how long ago I got it :s but I’m just in love with the colour. I think this is from the collection called Forever Metallics, and this is called Gold N’Roses. It looks to be mostly a pink colour, but it has golden speckles which really show up on the lips. It’s a nice twist on quite a conventional colour and makes it more unique. I haven’t really been able to find a replacement.
I’m sure if I really tried I could find these products again, but it would mean a lot of searching and most likely paying a fortune in shipping. I bought all these items in drugstores originally so I miss the ease of just going in and buying them.
Does anybody else have products that they miss, or will miss when they run out?

Monday, 13 July 2009

GOSH Eyeliner Review and Barry M Nail Paints (+visit to Monkey Forest!)

I’ve been using the Bourjois eyeliner for quite a while now, think I’m just finishing off my third one so wanted to try something else. I like this eyeliner because it’s incredibly long lasting and doesn’t smudge. The texture is also pretty versatile and I’m able to use it both on my waterline and underneath my lash line. Most eyeliners tend to be better suited to one job or the other. I also like this eyeliner because it’s a twist up, and contains a built in sharpener, it's great for touching up throughout the day, I line my top lid too but it's liquid so never needs touching up. I have a tendency to find my holy grail makeup item then decide actually I want to try other things...just in case. Superdrug still has some offers on including a lot of 3 for 2s, and currently GOSH is included in this offer. I also feel more attracted to the GOSH stand as it’s more appealing and colourful and seems to change more than Bourjois. So with this offer I decided to try a few different colours, I think GOSH offer the best range on different coloured eyeliners.

The two types of eyeliner are the “Velvet Touch” and the “Let’s Twist” liners. I got a Twist liner in carbon black and mink grey, which is more interesting than it sounds. Grey is a great alternative to black, it’s much softer and less harsh looking than black which makes it more suitable for the day time. It’s not a bland grey either, it’s bordering on khaki territory which makes it more interesting. The colour I got in the Velvet Touch liner was 001 Blue Moon which is a gorgeous bright teal colour. I’m planning to wear it underneath my lash line with a neutral eyeshadow colour just to liven it up a little bit. It will also work really well with Barry M’s Dazzle Dust in Teal if I’m brave enough to wear that much colour (I’m not).
I didn’t realise it at the time but the packaging of the Let’s Twist liners are identical to the Bourjois Liner Stylo. And I really mean identical not just similar! The lids fit one another and the bits in the bottom can be swapped and fit perfectly and they’re both made in Germany. I was a little bit disappointed to begin with because the GOSH ones cost an extra £1 and I figured if the packaging is identical then the product probably is too. I’m pleased to say the product is not exactly the same. The GOSH one is actually much better than Bourjois. It’s a great consistency that I can carry on using for both the waterline and lower lashline but it’s also much more pigmented and as you can see from the pictures, it’s a true black not a washy black. The only downside of these liners compared to the Bourjois ones is they don’t come with a built in sharpener. Although the bottom of the pencil is identical and has a removable part, there’s nothing actually in it, they’re basically just there to show the colour. Below top to bottom is: GOSH carbon black liner, the Bourjois black liner, GOSH mink grey and GOSH Blue Moon.I bought two of the most recently released nail paints, there’s a few more in the collection but I preferred these two. I’m wearing the orange on my toes right now called Block Orange (number 301), it’s a great summery colour which looks great with metallic gold sandals, I went for a vibrant colour because I’ve been suffering with a cold for the last few days so needed something cheerful to perk me up! I also went for 303 Bright Purple, you have to see this shade in person to see how pretty it is, by far the nicest shade of purple I’ve seen. The nail paints are great quality too, they were two for £5 so I did get two but when I figured it out afterwards I really didn’t save a lot of money! The colour pay off is fantastic though, two coats is plenty to give full coverage with no streaking.
I also bought a collection 2000 Eyebrow Definer in Blonde which I haven’t pictured, it works OK but I won’t be repurchasing because it contains palm oil which I think is an easily avoidable ingredient to include in makeup and I’m trying to be more conscious when buying cosmetics. If anyone knows a good alternative eyebrow definer for blonde eyebrows please let me know!

On a completely different note, I forgot to include these pictures in my last post. When I went back to see my parents last week me and my boyfriend went with my parents to the Monkey Forest at Trentham. Bizarrely I saw that another beauty blogger, Yummy Mummy, had been there recently too, I didn't expect anyone else to know about it. I wish I could say I went there as a treat for a child family member, but it was actually because I wanted to go! My mum has visited before and wanted to go again. It was so much better than I expected, I'm not really too keen on zoos but this place was really close to their natural habitat and the monkeys were not in the slightest bit intimidated by people, they seem really sociable and because they are now endangered it's the safest place for them to be. I think there's another two sanctuarys like this in Europe.I love being close to nature like this, they're so adorable!
I couldn't get over how similar they were to us, this is a family of them, and the Dad's put his arm around Mum!

If you ever get the chance, this is a really lovely place to visit.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup Review

First of all I love MAC studio fix foundation, I hate the whole paint aroma of it, but it does the job, it stays on all day and really evens out my skin tone, hides blemishes and imperfections. It does all this without feeling all that heavy on my skin, what more can I want from a foundation? Well I picked up my bottle of SFF during winter last year, my skin was as pale as it goes, but honestly I was really surprised to be “diagnosed” as an NW15. I’ve always thought of myself as a medium and thought I was looking at around an NC30. When I found out I was more around a 15, I went for NW rather than NC because although my skin is warm, I actually think it’s too warm, the yellow tones in my skin are really obvious and I wanted to counteract this on my face and have a neutral shade. Anyway, right now this foundation is far too pale for me. I don’t try to deliberately tan, I wear SPF every day, but gradually I’ve got darker. I don’t want to use SFF in summer because although it’s not very heavy, I feel it’s too much for the hot humid weather we’ve been having. I love my mineral foundation too, but I’ve kind of got accustomed to using a liquid and don’t feel I have adequate coverage if I haven’t used a liquid, I realise this is probably psychological but there are days when my skin really needs a boost. I’d seen this foundation when it was first released but didn’t feel a need to go out and buy it. One of the things that’s made me buy it this time is the fact it can match to your skin tone, obviously a major pro with me because of the problems I mentioned earlier about not knowing my foundation shade. Basically if you haven’t seen this foundation, it goes on a whitey/grey shade and when you rub it in, it blends to match your skin tone. I went for light/medium as medium seemed a tiny bit too dark, and I wanted to avoid any orangeness. I’ve used this for the past week now and seem to be getting on ok with it. I wanted to be more impressed with this foundation than I actually am though. I know Revlon is a great drugstore brand and their Colourstay foundation is up there with SFF, and if this was a bit cheaper, or made by Collection 2000, I’d really recommend this foundation. To get decent coverage from this I’d say I need to use at least twice as much as my MAC foundation, possibly even 3 times as much. For what it does I think it’s overpriced, I think about £9, mine was £2 off though. I mean it matches your skin really well, but unless you have perfect skin, that can be a bad thing, where you have red patches, they’re gonna come through pretty red too! Also if you have perfect skin, there’s really no need to wear foundation in the first place. I hate writing negative reviews, and I didn’t intend this to sound this negative but I always want to give you an honest opinion of products I’ve bought, whether it’s good or bad and think that’s the whole point of blogging, to me anyway. I’m not saying avoid at all costs, but if like me you’re looking for light coverage for the summer, you’re probably better off with a tinted moisturiser at a snippet of the cost. I will continue to use this though because like I mentioned before, with me it’s partly psychological and I feel my skin is too naked without a foundation. Maybe this foundation will eventually give me the confidence to realise I can actually go out with just a mineral foundation on.

Was anyone else disappointed by this foundation or has it worked for some of you?

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Honest Scrap Tag

I've been a little out of blogging action recently, so apologies for that firstly, and apologies for doing a tag that went around a week ago, and I didn't even get tagged to do! In fact I've never been tagged I don't think! :( lol. The reason why I've not been blogging is I've been back at my parents house, it was my Mum's birthday, and my parents wedding anniversary so wanted to be around for that. Anyway I'm back home now and I wanted to do this tag because I've read a few people's and think this is a really nice way to tell you a few things about myself.
1. I have had a guitar for 8 years, a present on my 14th birthday, and I still can’t play it. I’ve just brought it up from my parents place though so who knows, I might learn a few chords.
2. I did a degree in American Studies. At school there was never one subject I thought I would like enough at uni to study for three years, so decided on American Studies because I found out I’d be able to study whatever I wanted, literature, history, film studies etc...I also got to spend a year in America which was the happiest year of my life. I met the most amazing people and it still feels like my second home.
3. I moved to London about 3 months ago from the Midlands and I love it, but I don’t see me spending my entire life here, I want to go back and live in the States, Canada or New Zealand!
4. I can get really shy with people I’ve just met which really annoys me and I wish I could be more confident. I would hate to be mistaken for being rude, and when people get to know me, they see my louder chattier side.
5. I’m 22 on the verge of 23 but I’ve always looked a couple of years younger than I actually am. Some people tell me I look even younger. It really bothers me which a lot of people don’t understand, I know I’ll be glad of looking younger when I’m in my thirties, but for now it’s just an annoyance. It’s embarrassing getting ID’d when I’ve been legally able to buy alcohol for nearly 5 years!
6. I decided when I was 5 years old I wanted to be a writer. I didn’t even know at that age that people could make a living from writing novels and articles, I just knew it was what I wanted to do, I’ve always had a vivid imagination and used to write my own “books” and illustrate them! Even now I still want to make a career from writing, in what form, I don’t mind.
7. I’m a fiercely loyal person and will bend over backwards for the people that I love. I don’t know my extended family very well at all, so I feel really close to my immediate family, they, along with my close friends mean the world to me, much more than I let them know.
8. The trait I hate most in a person is rudeness. There’s absolutely no need for it. I’ve worked in customer services in the past and been on the receiving end of some really rude comments for no apparent reason other than they’re nasty people! I think everyone should work in a restaurant/cafe in their lives, it honestly makes you a much better customer knowing what they have to go through.
9. I have an obsession with tea, I think I’ve tried about every variety and like most of it, I honestly don’t think I can function without my morning cup of tea. Strangely I discovered tea in America, not the UK, I started off with coffee but found out I couldn’t drink a lot because it gives me palpitations! Another dream of mine is to open my own tea shop!
10. I can’t drive, and I’m not sure I will ever be able to. I put in for my test once, and failed, and didn’t really get back in to it. I guess I hate the whole being watched while I’m driving, it’s scary enough as it is. If I do ever get a license though, I really want to own a mini. I’m only 5’2” so it’s the perfect size for me!
So there's a little insight to me. I tag anyone else that wants to do it!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

In and Out

Because today I realised that a few things bothered me recently and I wanted to think of positive things to counteract them, hence business.
What’s in:
Sunshine that lasts all day, not a common thing in the UK, so I embrace it when it comes.
Making your own ice-cream, budget friendly and decidedly more healthy than Mr. Whippy van ones.
The radio at the moment, I’m loving the Noisettes new one, and all the MJ tributes.
Drinking iced green tea in the heat. Refreshing!
MAC Refined Golden Bronzer, and being told I look like I’ve caught the sun, I’ve done no such thing, it’s all fakery!
Butterflies on my balcony in the daytime.

What’s out:
Intermittent sunshine, sunglasses on, sunglasses off, is it going to rain...?
Paying close to £2 for a Kit Kat ice cream which made me feel ill afterwards.
The really bad karaoke versions of songs in Superdrug. No-one wants to hear people singing “Enriqueee...Ciara...” when it’s not really them. Bit weird/creepy.
Experimenting in icing other types of tea like Earl Grey. Disgusting!
Having to wash off my glow at the end of the day and becoming paler again. :(
Mosquitoes at night in my room, and not being able to find them when I put the light on.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

MAC Creme d'nude and Maybelline High Shine Gloss

A little late, but here’s my other purchases from the weekend. I’ve been really interested by this lipstick for a while, and thought rather than looking at pictures of it and wishing I had it, to just buy it! I think nude lips are a love/hate thing with people. I personally love nude lips, simply because it suits me, I’m not lucky enough to be able to pull off very bright or unusual colours, so I usually play it safe with nudes. It wasn’t til I got this home I realised the striking similarity to GOSH’s Darling, it’s only when you really observe them you can see the difference. I’d say I prefer this to GOSH Darling because it’s what I consider a true nude, it doesn’t have undertones of another colour, whereas Darling, at least for me, is a little on the pink side. MAC’s Creme d’nude is a cremesheen which has a lovely creamy texture, also making me rate this above Darling because the formulation is much better suited to my lips which dry out very easily. I tried to work with Darling but without a gloss it often gave me a cracked effect on my lips. It’s strange because I don’t think I have particularly dry lips, it’s just wearing most lipsticks seems to really dry them out, I always have to dismiss anything that claims to be “matte”. So while I’m happy this is a lipstick I can wear on it’s own, I also really like it teamed with the lipgloss I picked up. It’s a watershine gloss that contains shimmery particles, if you think the MAC dazzleglasses are a bit too much, you might like this, because it’s not overbearingly shimmery. The shade is Crystal Rocks, a kind of peachy coral colour, it smells pretty yummy too, although the smell of Lipglasses is still my favourite. Below is the two worn together.Here is the gloss alone:I got an eyeshadow palette whilst I was in MAC too, I really don’t like individual pots and it’s just so much easier to have all the colours I want in one place. I can’t actually fill it yet, but it’s easier to see which colours I could do with when the rest of the colours are laid out together. I can’t really believe I spent £10 on an empty palette though, considering I can get a palette from Sleek which is full with 10 shadows for less than £5...I feel slightly robbed.

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