Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Products I miss...

It’s interesting to see what products people regret buying, it’s one of the things that I love about blogging, people give honest opinions about products which can help me decide whether a product is something worth buying. I know everyone is different and what might not work for one person can be another persons favourite product but I am definitely more inclined to try a product that has been reviewed by a blogger than what the product’s advertisement has claimed it can do. Anyway, I have wondered whether there are any products, not that you regret buying, but which you can no longer find. So this post will feature products I have bought in the past that I can no longer find because they’re not available in my country, or have been discontinued and that I really miss.

Firstly makeup. These liquid eyeshadows were real favourites of mine. I use a primer now, but before I discovered Too Faced Shadow Insurance, these were what I would use. The eyeglide from Revlon was a particular favourite, you just twist the bottom and the right amount of product would appear at the top, no product was wasted from this design. I bought one in taupe in the States but then when I came back to England, could not find it anywhere, so had to settle for this denim colour. It’s still a pretty neutral colour, not as blue as you would expect so it worked well under most eyeshadows. Also the Loreal Colr Resist eyeshadow wands were something I kept reaching for. The taupe and light gold really set me eyeshadow, and just gave it that extra boost of colour. I miss liquid eyeshadows like these and noticed they’re increasingly hard to find. I’m not sure why because they seem a good product to me.
This eyeshadow quad is one of my favourites, and I’m amazed by how long it’s lasted me. All four colours work really well together for a neutral eyeshadow look with just a hint of colour, and these earthy colours suit me down to the ground. The texture is really great and I’ve rarely got creasing from these shadows, even from my old job in the café where I would sometimes work 10hr shifts! I’m pretty sure these are still available to buy in America but they were never released here in the UK so I don’t know when I will be able to get my hands on a replacement.
I’m kind of picky when it comes to hairsprays, I really don’t want my hair to feel or look crunchy from using it. I was so happy with this Aussie spray because it’s designed for flexible hold, so is perfect for what I needed it for, the only time I use hairspray really is when I curl it. Even though I think in the UK we have a bigger range of Aussie products than in the US, this is a product we’re missing. It’s a shame because I think it would sell really well. I’m always disappointed by the hairspray selection available because it’s all in those big pressurised cans. This spray is different because it sprays on like a water based spray, much better for the environment too!
Finally this lipstick, I should really throw it away, because I don’t remember how long ago I got it :s but I’m just in love with the colour. I think this is from the collection called Forever Metallics, and this is called Gold N’Roses. It looks to be mostly a pink colour, but it has golden speckles which really show up on the lips. It’s a nice twist on quite a conventional colour and makes it more unique. I haven’t really been able to find a replacement.
I’m sure if I really tried I could find these products again, but it would mean a lot of searching and most likely paying a fortune in shipping. I bought all these items in drugstores originally so I miss the ease of just going in and buying them.
Does anybody else have products that they miss, or will miss when they run out?

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