Thursday, 2 July 2009

In and Out

Because today I realised that a few things bothered me recently and I wanted to think of positive things to counteract them, hence business.
What’s in:
Sunshine that lasts all day, not a common thing in the UK, so I embrace it when it comes.
Making your own ice-cream, budget friendly and decidedly more healthy than Mr. Whippy van ones.
The radio at the moment, I’m loving the Noisettes new one, and all the MJ tributes.
Drinking iced green tea in the heat. Refreshing!
MAC Refined Golden Bronzer, and being told I look like I’ve caught the sun, I’ve done no such thing, it’s all fakery!
Butterflies on my balcony in the daytime.

What’s out:
Intermittent sunshine, sunglasses on, sunglasses off, is it going to rain...?
Paying close to £2 for a Kit Kat ice cream which made me feel ill afterwards.
The really bad karaoke versions of songs in Superdrug. No-one wants to hear people singing “Enriqueee...Ciara...” when it’s not really them. Bit weird/creepy.
Experimenting in icing other types of tea like Earl Grey. Disgusting!
Having to wash off my glow at the end of the day and becoming paler again. :(
Mosquitoes at night in my room, and not being able to find them when I put the light on.


Victoria said...

I was literally thinking 10 minutes of doing a post about the music in Superdrug! It is god awful! lol.


Onyx said...

lol I know! i'd rather here no music at all, do they deliberately pick the worst singers? xx

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