Wednesday, 15 July 2009

MAC Colour Craft

I’m over the worst of my cold that seems to be hanging on as long as it can, and decided it would be a fantastic idea to celebrate being well again by shopping! I went to Westfield, which I know are amazing shopping centres, I went to my first one in San Francisco and then used to shop in the Derby one when I lived with my parents, but WOW this one was huge. So thanks, legseleven7 for mentioning this place. It was a bit far out on the tube for me, 12 stops, I’ve never been underground that long, it was a bit scary but worth it, even if my legs are aching now from too much walking around, (I feel like these places are designed to get you lost so you never leave).Before I start talking about my shopping experience I just want to have a little moan here about the prices in MAC, they have crept back up to the old price they were before tax was reduced. Someone informed me that when VAT was dropped down to 15% it was only a temporary thing and that it would go back up again, I didn’t know this but I assumed this was the reason MAC had upped their price tags. However, looking at my receipt, VAT is still 15% so basically, MAC are cashing in on the extra profit. Sorry to moan about this but I find it really disgusting that so many places do this, the whole point of dropping VAT was to get the public spending again. I know it doesn’t seem like you save a lot, and those weird price tags were slightly annoying, but it all adds up. We pay so much more for things than most of the world anyway.

Although the MAC store was really busy, there wasn’t really anybody looking at the new collections, good for me because that’s what I wanted to see. Naked Honey is honestly as disappointing as everyone claims it to be. I mean it’s good that they’ve focussed on body care and perfumes to make it a little different, but I would have preferred less of that and more make-up products. The highlighters were quite appealing, I liked the honeycomb embossed pattern, but I felt like they could’ve done more with it, like some really rich honey toned bronzers and eyeshadows. Maybe could’ve designed some nail lacquers or gel bronzers, to look like set honey! I don’t know, just something more appealing and creative. I think one reason I feel disappointed by many collections is MAC is an expensive brand, if it was cheaper, I’m sure I’d buy a lot more things, and get most items from the new collections. But for the money I’m paying, although I know MAC is brilliant quality, I also want to know that I’m getting something quite special and not too dupable. In the Naked Honey collection, I really liked one of the perfumes, but I ended up buying nothing at all because I don’t really like to buy myself perfume and when I thought about it, although I liked the smell of honey, didn’t really want to smell like it, I’m terrified of bugs and I imagined smelling of honey could attract insects to me!

Colour Craft was much more appealing to me, again slightly disappointing, as most collections seem to be. I thought I would really love the eyeshadows...I didn’t. In person they were nicer than I imagined but just nothing stood out to me. The colours that were put together to form one eyeshadow, in my opinion, were not all that compatible. I would have preferred them if there was a colour I could use for each part of my eye (lid, crease, outer corner and highlight) as for me, the purpose of buying them would be for travel, to cut down on the amount of makeup I carry around with me! The only one I thought had compatible colours was Natural Flare, but all four colours had the same consistency, all really shimmery, I think it would have worked better if the highlight was more matte.

The product I wanted the most from this collection was actually the 226 brush, and yes it’s sad but I was really looking forward to adding it to my extremely modest collection. I don’t own enough brushes and certainly not enough eye brushes and I’d heard such great things I felt like I needed this brush. Obviously a lot of other people thought this too because after 2 days of release, the brush was sold out! I am pretty gutted because if I went yesterday like I had planned too I would’ve got my hands on one, in fact the MA said an hour ago when she looked there were 4 left. I stopped off at another MAC en route back home but the brush was sold out there too. It’s still available on the website so I might buy it.
So what I did buy then: MSF in Triple Fusion, my first MSF! I thought I’d allow myself to be sucked in to the novelty of the three colours in one, and actually it’s quite practical this way because I have the option of mixing all the colours together or wearing them individually, the colours are suitable for a blush on one side, and the other two are more for bronzing. I guess it looks pretty dark compared to other MSF’s but it doesn’t have amazing colour pay off, it’s very sheer and shimmery. I like it though, it’s really pretty, I know it’s unappealing to a lot of people to have shimmery products, but I’m actually quite partial to a bit of shimmer! Which is just as well because the mineralise blush is also on the shimmery side. I chose Hand-Finished.When I bought Springsheen a while back, I very nearly bought a mineralise blush then because it was recommended, but back then I thought my makeup talent was so poor I wouldn’t be able to use it with a nice finish! Even though this has a few colours in it, it’s easily blendable, and like the MSF it’s very sheer and shimmery. I’m looking forward to playing around with these two products tomorrow, and see if the colour can be built up, I’m trying to imagine how shimmery I could be if I wore all the Colour Craft products together...

Just throwing this in because I picked this up today too. Matches my skin tone much better and hopefully be OK for evenings in the summer when I want a bit more coverage for going out. Has anyone used this before? I chose this over SFF because this one seems better for oily skin and summertime.


lydiaoc26 said...

I'm debating buying the 226 too - to give into online shopping, or to resist!
Hmm I quite want to try the Select foundation now. I still use SFF for the evening, because of how amazing the coverage is. But in reality, it is a little too hot to be wearing something so heavy :/
is the coverage quite good with Select? xox

Onyx said...

I know! The only problem is if I buy online I know I won't be able to buy JUST the brush, I'll want to add more things, if only to justify the shipping costs! But I really shouldn't spend any more money. The words Limited Edition just make it so appealing though!

As for the Select foundation, I don't want to speak too soon, but I'm quite impressed with the coverage. I mean it's not as good as SFF, it seems a little runnier, but it hides any redness. Also, it's definitely buildable so you can build up a more heavier coverage. It's only the first day wearing it though, so I will write a proper review after the weekend when I've worn it out in the evening, I think that's the real make-up test! xxx

Tali said...

Dont buy online.. take it from me you end up losing controll lol.. im always in overdraft goddammit!! Its all mac & Illamasqua's fault!

Onyx said...

lol @tali, I've so far managed to resist buying online, I'm very impressed with my self control! I'm kind of relying on this brush becoming a permanent item since it's sold so well both times it was released, but we'll see... xx

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