Friday, 10 July 2009

Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup Review

First of all I love MAC studio fix foundation, I hate the whole paint aroma of it, but it does the job, it stays on all day and really evens out my skin tone, hides blemishes and imperfections. It does all this without feeling all that heavy on my skin, what more can I want from a foundation? Well I picked up my bottle of SFF during winter last year, my skin was as pale as it goes, but honestly I was really surprised to be “diagnosed” as an NW15. I’ve always thought of myself as a medium and thought I was looking at around an NC30. When I found out I was more around a 15, I went for NW rather than NC because although my skin is warm, I actually think it’s too warm, the yellow tones in my skin are really obvious and I wanted to counteract this on my face and have a neutral shade. Anyway, right now this foundation is far too pale for me. I don’t try to deliberately tan, I wear SPF every day, but gradually I’ve got darker. I don’t want to use SFF in summer because although it’s not very heavy, I feel it’s too much for the hot humid weather we’ve been having. I love my mineral foundation too, but I’ve kind of got accustomed to using a liquid and don’t feel I have adequate coverage if I haven’t used a liquid, I realise this is probably psychological but there are days when my skin really needs a boost. I’d seen this foundation when it was first released but didn’t feel a need to go out and buy it. One of the things that’s made me buy it this time is the fact it can match to your skin tone, obviously a major pro with me because of the problems I mentioned earlier about not knowing my foundation shade. Basically if you haven’t seen this foundation, it goes on a whitey/grey shade and when you rub it in, it blends to match your skin tone. I went for light/medium as medium seemed a tiny bit too dark, and I wanted to avoid any orangeness. I’ve used this for the past week now and seem to be getting on ok with it. I wanted to be more impressed with this foundation than I actually am though. I know Revlon is a great drugstore brand and their Colourstay foundation is up there with SFF, and if this was a bit cheaper, or made by Collection 2000, I’d really recommend this foundation. To get decent coverage from this I’d say I need to use at least twice as much as my MAC foundation, possibly even 3 times as much. For what it does I think it’s overpriced, I think about £9, mine was £2 off though. I mean it matches your skin really well, but unless you have perfect skin, that can be a bad thing, where you have red patches, they’re gonna come through pretty red too! Also if you have perfect skin, there’s really no need to wear foundation in the first place. I hate writing negative reviews, and I didn’t intend this to sound this negative but I always want to give you an honest opinion of products I’ve bought, whether it’s good or bad and think that’s the whole point of blogging, to me anyway. I’m not saying avoid at all costs, but if like me you’re looking for light coverage for the summer, you’re probably better off with a tinted moisturiser at a snippet of the cost. I will continue to use this though because like I mentioned before, with me it’s partly psychological and I feel my skin is too naked without a foundation. Maybe this foundation will eventually give me the confidence to realise I can actually go out with just a mineral foundation on.

Was anyone else disappointed by this foundation or has it worked for some of you?

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Yi said...

I just go this goody couple days ago, it works great with my skinstone :) xx

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