Wednesday, 1 July 2009

MAC Creme d'nude and Maybelline High Shine Gloss

A little late, but here’s my other purchases from the weekend. I’ve been really interested by this lipstick for a while, and thought rather than looking at pictures of it and wishing I had it, to just buy it! I think nude lips are a love/hate thing with people. I personally love nude lips, simply because it suits me, I’m not lucky enough to be able to pull off very bright or unusual colours, so I usually play it safe with nudes. It wasn’t til I got this home I realised the striking similarity to GOSH’s Darling, it’s only when you really observe them you can see the difference. I’d say I prefer this to GOSH Darling because it’s what I consider a true nude, it doesn’t have undertones of another colour, whereas Darling, at least for me, is a little on the pink side. MAC’s Creme d’nude is a cremesheen which has a lovely creamy texture, also making me rate this above Darling because the formulation is much better suited to my lips which dry out very easily. I tried to work with Darling but without a gloss it often gave me a cracked effect on my lips. It’s strange because I don’t think I have particularly dry lips, it’s just wearing most lipsticks seems to really dry them out, I always have to dismiss anything that claims to be “matte”. So while I’m happy this is a lipstick I can wear on it’s own, I also really like it teamed with the lipgloss I picked up. It’s a watershine gloss that contains shimmery particles, if you think the MAC dazzleglasses are a bit too much, you might like this, because it’s not overbearingly shimmery. The shade is Crystal Rocks, a kind of peachy coral colour, it smells pretty yummy too, although the smell of Lipglasses is still my favourite. Below is the two worn together.Here is the gloss alone:I got an eyeshadow palette whilst I was in MAC too, I really don’t like individual pots and it’s just so much easier to have all the colours I want in one place. I can’t actually fill it yet, but it’s easier to see which colours I could do with when the rest of the colours are laid out together. I can’t really believe I spent £10 on an empty palette though, considering I can get a palette from Sleek which is full with 10 shadows for less than £5...I feel slightly robbed.

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