Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Beauty Product of the Month - July: Redken Extreme Iron Repair

I’m sure I’m not alone in my love for straightening or curling my hair. If I knew I could do it without damaging my hair, I’d use it heat on it every day. Unfortunately that’s not the case and so when I do use heat, whether it be straighteners, or even just a blowdryer, I want to know that my hair is being protected as best as possible. So when it comes to hair care, I’m prepared to splurge a little, especially since my shampoo and regular conditioner is very affordable (I’m a Herbal Essences kinda girl). I decided to buy Redken’s Heat Protective Extreme™ Iron Repair while I was in my salon since as a complimentary, introductory offer, I could receive £5 off hair care products. This was about £15 originally, so it was a good offer. If I was smart I would’ve used it in conjunction with the other offer they had on this product which was buy get one half price, but I didn’t know if I’d like it so just wanted to try it out first.

So this is a heat-activated protector for distressed/dull hair, so the bottle says. You apply it to your hair after washing whilst it’s still damp and it helps to reinforce and restructure your hair when heat is applied. This is a great product because it works not just by protecting your hair, it’s also a treatment so can repair some of the damage already done. This is good for me because I regularly have highlights, and while I don’t use bleach, I’m still stripping my hair of colour so it can be prone to dry bits towards the bottom. Used over time, this really makes a difference to even quite damaged, straw-like hair. I’m not advocating you get your hair in such a state, but if it happens, there is a product that can work wonders! It smells gorgeous too, with a smell that reminds me of a cross between hair salons and holidays, sorry I can’t be more descriptive than that, it just smells really yummy! I need the smallest amount of this product, a pea sized amount will do, even for my long and thick hair.


Jen said...

This stuff sounds fab!! Think i'll need to try this when my usual one run's out!! x x

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Im currently using the shamp and cond in this range!
Im a tad scared though, cos its like a protein based, and some say that if you use too much protein, too often, itll make your hair worse, not better!!!
But cos I have fine hair, it needs more protein than thick hair anyways.

I was going to buy this protection serum when I bought the shamp and cond, but decided not too cos if the shamp and cond didnt do good, then I wouldnt use this either. But now Im thinking I shouldvepurhcased it! Lol Im using tresemme at the moment :)

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