Friday, 31 July 2009

Latest goodies - Barry M lipgloss, GOSH professional eyeshadow brush, Elite eyeshadow

I picked up a few things yesterday. I only went in for the spray bottle after melting and deforming my last one, (I was trying to get the last of my facial cleanser out using the Michelle Phan lipgloss technique, apparently this doesn’t work with cheap plastic bottles) but as usual got more than I intended. I thought I'd try out this flat eyeshadow brush from GOSH. I haven’t seen any reviews of these in the blogging world so I wasn't sure what to expect. I’m generally happy with the quality of GOSH products so at just over £6, thought I could give this a go. I’m in need of more eye brushes, so using cheaper ones is a way of finding out which brush shape and textures I like, before committing too much money on high quality brushes, and if it turns out to be good quality then it’s a bonus. I thought this flat eyeshadow brush would be suitable for both applying shadow to the lid and crease, and so far I've used it for my crease colour and have nothing negative to say. It's a natural hair brush, so feels real soft and applies really decently, I got very precise application of eyeshadow, like a cut-crease effect, which was easy to blend with the brush for a softer look. I’m still on the hunt for a brush I can use on the outer corner though.
This eyeshadow is by Elite, which I’ve only seen in London Superdrugs, and I don’t know much about its reputation. It’s not a brand that I reach to usually, I guess through unfamiliarity, but I noticed they had some items in clearance, so this single shadow was half price at just under £3. Quite a bargain I thought, and I love the colour, it’s called Marron GlacĂ© which is also the name of a Bourjois eyeshadow I have but don’t wear very much. This is quite different in colour to that, so I'm still none the wiser about what exactly a marron glacĂ© is, and is very easily wearable for everyday, suitable for just a wash of colour over the lid. I find the consistency of these shadows really unique, it’s a powder, but has almost a creamy texture, and so glides on really smoothly. You can apply it lightly for a sheen, or build it up to have a heavier powder look.

Here's my obligatory face of the day using the products I bought. I'm honestly not as sad as I look, I'm looking down so you can see the shadow properly! I've used it with my No.7 eyeshadow trio in a name I'm sure you'll love: Twilight! It's a basic grey, white and black for classic smokey eyes. I used the white as a highlight, black in the crease and more condensed in the outer corner, with the grey on the inner corner. I used the Elite eyeshadow all over the lid, building it up for a more dramatic look.

The Barry M lipgloss, I bought purely for the smell which is not a good premise for buying something, I know, but as soon as I smelt it, it reminded me of childhood and happy memories. I’ve since figured out what it smells exactly like Jelly Babies! It wasn’t even my favourite colour in the collection, it was actually the toffee smelling one that caught my eye the most, but to me, this had the best smell. This is a great colour though, quite frosty, I’d describe it as a baby pink with lilac undertones, I can imagine this looking great over a lilac lipstick like Lavender Whip. I'm by far no lipgloss expert, but of all the brands I've tried, this has great staying power, even better than MAC! It's quite sticky, which to me means good, because it will stay, but not too sticky that it doesn't feel nice on your lips. Definitely something I will be repurchasing and trying out other shades, I just wish these were named rather than referred to by numbers, that's really all I can criticise these lipglosses on!


hazeleyes said...

The barry M lipgloss looks great! I have the baby pink and the toffee! xXx

Victoria said...

You look gorge!


Tali said...

Marron Glace means candied marron (candied chestnut) its a desert and each one is really expensive (£1-£5 each depending on brand) lol.. one of the few things I know.. sweets!! :)

I really want to try that barry m gloss!! xx

Onyx said...

Thanks for the comments. And thanks for filling me on the marron glace. I'm trying to learn french and I interpreted it wrongly, I thought it was a type of iced coffee, whoops! xXx

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