Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Review

I spotted these gorgeous nail lacquers in TK Maxx and was instantly drawn to them, not just for the colours but the amazing price tag. A box of three with a retail worth of £45 being sold for just £16.99! I don’t own any makeup by Yves Saint Laurent but have for some time been keen to try it out. Nail polish is always a good place to start and I liked all the colours that were part of this bundle. There is: number 28 – Starry Rose, number 37 – Dark Blue, and number 38 – Moonlight White.
(without flash)
(with flash)
I spotted the dark blue first and fell in love with the colour, it’s perfect for this time of year, a very deep blue which looks almost black, it’s only when you take the brush out of the bottle you can tell it’s really blue. Starry Rose is a very easy to wear pink, with a touch of glamour with the glitter particles which makes this a nice choice for wearing to go out. In the picture below I am wearing Moonlight White. I used to own a shade very similar to this years ago but failed to replace once I’d used it up. In the bottle it appears white, with a blue shimmer when you move it around. On your nails, the blue really comes out, as does a pink undertone, the overall effect is a pearl finish. It’s very flattering and suitable for any occasion, it makes a nice change to your typical white tipped manicure. The pictures are both taken in natural light.I would highly recommend any of these nail polishes, they dry very quickly, and after three days of wear have shown no signs of chipping. They do give off quite a strong odour when you’re painting your nails, which I guess is the price paid for the quality of the varnish, just make sure you’re in a well ventilated room would be my advice! I’m not sure I’d be willing to pay their RRP of £16 a piece, but for three, I’m very happy. You can look at all the shades available here:
and see that there are many classic shades to choose from. I have my eye on number 1 – sublime red. Has anyone else been impressed by La Laque?


Gabriela said...

I love YSL nail vernish, they are my fav, very expenssive but so easy to work with.
Actualy I have 2 new shades for this winter a midium grey and a deep grey. Love the names too.
Black tuxedo and grey storm, lovely :)
My super fav is nÂș29 Moon something, very rare color, very modern nude, can't find other like that anywere. I saw those on TKMAXX too, but there was other things that catch my eye, clothes, they are on great price there, great buy you made :)

Onyx said...

Thanks Gabriela, I will have to keep an eye out for that nude too! TK Maxx is brilliant at the moment. I'd given up going in there but lately there's been some great finds. xXx

lancelonie said...

Fabulous, girl! :)

Marce said...

I've never tried YSL nail polish...you really got yourself a bargain! I'd love to see what the dark blue one looks like. From YSL I've been wanting to try their mascara for ages!

Natalie said...

Amazing polish and u have great nails! i have a bad habit, i bite my nails, but polish always helps me stop biting! :)



Anonymous said...

oOohhh - I like the pearl finish.

Onyx said...

@lancelonie, thankyou!

@Marce, I will post a picture of the other two nail varnishes when I get round to wearing them, I'm keen to see what they look like too!

@Natalie, thankyou, I suppose I am quite lucky my nails are so hard I've never been able to bite them.

@tokyostargirl, thanks :)

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