Sunday, 29 November 2009

Lush Humperdink

Yesterday I went to Leicester for the day. It was a bit of a mission from London, I had to get up super early. I had to go though because I had a dress fitting for my best friend's wedding. Its' the first time I've ever been a bridesmaid so I'm quite excited. I met with my parents for lunch afterwards because it seemed silly to travel all that way, be really close to where they live and not see them. I wandered around the shops afterwards and because it's now properly cold in England, all I could think of was getting back in to my warm flat and taking a bath.

I love the range of Christmas goodies they have in Lush, and this year they've really gone all out with the selection of bath and shower goodies. I'm a little bit addicted to the Snow Fairy shower gel and have used it the last two winters (if there's still some left by spring I put it away!), but never tried any of the bubble bars or bath ballistics. The bubble bars are my personal favourite, a bath is just not the same without bubbles! I found this little one called Humperdink which is supposed to be a Christmas elf. I think they put the eyes on too low, but if you use your imagination you can kind of see it. This is also supposed to be special to Leicester but I checked on the Lush website and they have this exact bubble bar available on there but under the name Wee Harry. Anyway, this has a gorgeous cinamon and spice scent, very nice for the winter time, and very relaxing too. I only used a third of this bar and that was plenty. I think I will have to check back at Lush and try out some more of their Christmas goodies, especially a bit nearer the time to get me in the Christmas spirit.

I hope everyone's had a great weekend so far. I'm off to see Paranormal Activity later. :s I probably won't sleep tonight.

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Lydia said...

I absolutely LOOVE the smell of Humperdrink!
I recently got a job at Lush and it's the one product I keep going over to to have a sniff! Hehe xox

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