Thursday, 24 December 2009

Makeup Product of the month: December - Barry M Nail Paint, Racing Green

It’s not ideal, but since I forgot to bring my camera cable, I have had to make do with a stock photograph, apologies for that. I’ve chosen Barry M’s Racing Green Nail Paint (number 299) as this month’s make-up product of the month. I did blog about this product a while back, I bought it a while back, originally just to match my army girl outfit for my friend’s hen do. I didn’t own any green nail varnish, and had no reason to, green nails were, in my opinion, kind of ugly. Anyway, in search of a wearable green shade to complete my outfit, I reached for Barry M, knowing they offer the best range of different shades, almost every colour you could think of. There were some pretty vibrant, loud shades of green to choose from, but I went for Racing Green as it appeared the most wearable. I’d describe it as a classic, royal green. I’ve been sporting it a lot lately because it’s also a very festive colour, perfect for this time of year, as deep, dark colours always work in the winter. It's dark enough so that the colour isn't so in-your-face green.

This is one of the original, older nail paints, but the formulation is just as brilliant as the new ones. With a top coat this will easily last for 3 days chip free.
I'd just like to wish all my followers a very Happy Christmas, hope everyone's enjoying the holidays!

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