Thursday, 18 March 2010

Make-up Product of the Month: February - MAC Da Bling Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow is already available on the permanent line but has also featured on the Spring Colour Forecast collection. On the one hand, I feel a bit like these repromotes from MAC are a tad lazy, I would like to see some new colours, but on the other, this repromoting gives people a chance to discover a product they might not have known about otherwise. Also the fancier packaging the collections usually come in are a lure, although for this collection the packaging is as standard.

I mentioned that I was somewhat tricked in to buying this eyeshadow, because the MA in the store was wearing pink eyeshadow herself. It really wasn’t a colour I thought I would buy and pull off myself. Originally I wanted Expensive Pink but after seeing how dark that was in real life, knew it would only make me look washed out and ill looking. Although I thought Da Bling was much brighter than I was used to, it’s a lot more flattering than I expected. A combination I find works really nice is Da Bling on the eyelid, Twinks in the crease, and Hush on the brow bone. I really like how this makes green eyes (hate to use this word) “pop” (cringe, but it really does!) It’s not a colour I thought would compliment green so well but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The colour payoff is quite good, it’s a veluxe pearl finish, which I find means it goes on quite lightly but can be built up for a more intense wash of colour depending on your personal taste. This is always the first colour I notice when I open my palette, it’s a refreshing flash of colour amongst my neutrals. Well worth a glance over if you haven't seen this colour.


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