Friday, 3 September 2010

Loving and Disliking Part Une...

Some things I'm loving and disliking (Because hate's a strong word!) lately.


Sushi! Can't get enough of it lately

Katy B, there's something hauntingly beautiful about her voice, and in the genre she's associated with as a whole, I hope she takes off and gets the full credit she deserves.

Finding shoes that fit well. I love heels but it's so difficult to find the right combination of high heel, stylish and comfortable all rolled into one. Lately I've been successful in finding shoes that I like and don't hurt like hell either.

New beginnings. I'm excited that one chapter of my life has ended, and now another one is about to begin, exciting times ahead. :)


Breaking nails - I had them in such great condition, they were long, strong, the tips were white, so I painted them A LOT, and now I seem to be breaking them. :( Nothing lasts forever does it, but why is it when I break a nail it has to be so low down. Oh dear.

Shorter days, it's only September and it's noticable already that the days are getting shorter, booo!


Liparazzi said...

It's really hard to find comfortable kick ass high heels...I struggle with that alot! Ahhh breaking nails...always a pain in the ass and they always break right at the bottom so you have to start from scratch!

Stylelover said...

This is my first time around here. Lovely blog...

modern viking vixen said...

love your header :) and agree pretty much with your list.


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