Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A slight hiatus...

I have been out of blogging action for a fair amount of time now. This is a massive understatement. I don't really have too many excuses for this...I've been busy, I've moved house (twice in fact), I started a new job, everything...changed! I don't really know where to begin when it comes to filling you in on the last 10 months of my life. But I guess since so much has changed and this feels like a fresh start to my blog, I won't divulge too far back. I'm also not entirely sure what direction I want my blog to go since my obsession with beauty seems to have subsided somewhat. I would like to contine sharing my thoughts on new products I have found as well as updating you on my current antics around London - it's exciting times for us right now hosting the Olympics. I have been to a few events in honour of this, and I'm almost Olympic-ed out but I will share a few snaps with you to kick start my blog revival.
Rizzle Kicks at Wandsworth torch festival in Tooting Common.
Tim Henman at Wandsworth torch festival.
Opening ceremony, as seen in the pub.

Queing to go in to Hyde Park.

Hyde Park Olympic Festival - Day one of Olympics.

After devouring too much hotpot in China town, we found one of the Olympic mascots.
I'm also feeling a little out of sync with the new blogger and google + set up. I miss the ease of editing my photos with piknik but I'm sure I'll soon be convinced that this way is easier and there will be no looking back.
I will end this post by saying a massive thank you to those that have continued to follow, or began to follow (hello) , reaching 500 subscribers while I've been gone is a huge deal to me, so thank you!

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