Friday, 27 December 2013

Ciaté Very Colourfoil Nail Manicure

I have finally been introduced to Ciaté paint pots. After reading numerous blog posts raving about the quality and seeing the wide range of colours, I've waited for the day to try Ciaté. Even in London though, I've not found this brand too easy to come by. Anyway, that day has finally come, albeit in the form of Ciaté Very Colourfoil Nail Manicure, thanks to TK Maxx and their random selection of nail kits. 

I've only ever bought a manicure kit once before in my life. It was by Maybelline and contained various pieces you would need for a French manicure: a natural shade, a white tip and some stickers that you use to block the colour when applying the white tips. I find these kits very useful for somebody like me, in other words, pretty clueless about manicures, (I have never had a professional manicure of any description!) because you don't need any extras and they usually even contain a step by step guide to help you. Foolproof! 

Here is a visual so you can see what you're getting in this kit.
I wasn't really sure why they put the nail wheel in there to be honest. I'm not going to waste the foils experimenting on it, but I think this will come in useful for showing nail swatches in the future so I'm not complaining. 

More usefully in the kit, you get a 13.5ml bottle of Ciaté paint pot, in this case, a shade called Cream Soda. This applies like a dream and is worthy of a blog post in it's own right but I'll spare you the details and assure you Ciaté paint pots are worth the hype. 

 Along with the paint pot there's a pot of "foil fix" or glue as I call it, and of course, the colour foils. There are 6 of each colour, and 6 colours in total, all with suitably suggestive names such as Fling and Feisty. They look pretty awesome to be honest. This kit had a range of gold and silver, including a couple of holographic, and a plain green and pink.

The instructions tell you to spot the glue wherever you like on the nail and then allow to go clear and tacky before placing the foil (face side up over the nail, pressing firmly down and then peeling off to reveal the foil effect. What I like about this kit, is there isn't a prescribed where of doing this so there is room for creativity; (as well as error!) you can allow each coating of foil to dry and apply two or even three or more different colours over it. Originally I applied two coats of different colour foil on each nail on top of the original paint pot. This had incredible staying power and I had not so much as a chip until day 4 of wearing this.

I've since taken this foil manicure along a festive route and used the green and gold on top of a red nail polish to create this. Admittedly, looking up close at it, it's pretty messy, and I could've done a better job. But when I'm not staring closely at my nails, I quite like catching a glimpse of my uber sparkly, seasonally appropriate nails. I'm on holiday from work at the moment, and let's be honest, this won't be quite as relevant come January. 
There are 3 different versions of this kit, Wonderland (this one), Carnival Couture and Kaleidoscopic Klash, the latter two being much bolder and brighter than the one I've shown here.

This certainly isn't one for everyday and at full price £18 at RRP, I think is a bit of a rip off. However, buy from somewhere like TK Maxx and this will cost you £9.99 which considering a full size bottle of Ciaté will cost you £9, this works out a good deal.

Overall, I'm happy with this as a purchase and for a spot of creative decorating on my nails.

I hope everyone is enjoying the festive period. I'm enjoying the rest, and spending quality time with loved ones. Tomorrow I'm catching up with an old friend who I've known for 16 years, but haven't seen for the last 2! Then I'm heading back to London at the weekend for NYE. I'm probably going to go into town to see the fireworks because in all the years I've lived there or have travelled down there, I've never been to see.

What are your new year's plans?


Jasmine Jones said...

Your nails look awesome!

Hola Bambi said...

Those look laaaavly cx

Chloé F said...

your nails are gorgeous! i love the style.
xo teensbeautybible

Rakesh Singh said...

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Kamilla Kay Yukhayeva said...

Love your nails!!!! So Gorgeous!! Wow so talented!

Praveen RS said...

I like those Nail Polish colours
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