Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Fashion's Bright Side

In this season’s Style and Design supplement to Time magazine, there features a heading on the cover “Fashion’s Bright Side: 12 women who are redefining luxury in a new era.” Amongst articles on Donna Karen, a CEO of fashion label 3.1 Phillip Lim and ex-creative director of the label Rocawear, there’s a space dedicated to none other than Lauren Luke. This feature in the magazine takes the time to honour women whose role in fashion is significant and in keeping with the changing times. The stories of these women are truly inspirational and it’s refreshing to read about fashion with a heart so if you want to read more in depth about any of these yourself, go to:


The piece on Lauren Luke calls her an “Internet makeup guru” which is what we all know and love her for, but reading about her in this particular magazine really made me feel so proud of her, cementing her role in the beauty industry. I’ve followed Lauren’s videos from the beginning and seen her rise to fame. She’s not only popular on the internet but increasingly more people are aware of her who haven’t seen her videos or the journey she’s been on. Lauren is finally being recognised for the talent that she has. So congratulations Lauren!

Here is Lauren's piece:


Computergirl said...

Yay for Lauren. She seems genuinely kind and warm hearted. It shows that being nice does pay off.

Thanks for sharing that article
Emma :)

Onyx said...

@Emma, :) You're welcome, thanks for reading. xXx

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