Saturday, 26 September 2009

Make-up Product of the Month - September: Rimmel Clean Complexion Clarifying Powder

I wanted to give a little rave about a product I’ve been using a lot this month: Rimmel London’s Clean Complexion Clarifying Powder. I believe this is available in a few shades, but I bought the Transparent version, number 021 because I didn’t want the hassle of matching it up to my current foundation. I bought this because I find that when using a liquid foundation, if it isn’t MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid, then I need a powder to touch it up and keep away that shine. This product works beautifully for that and I love the fact that it contains natural minerals. I’m still a tiny bit sceptical of mineral products and how natural some of them are, and I’m not sure how this powder differs from Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder in Transparent. I haven’t used it so I can’t compare, but it is possible this is the same product marketed a slightly different way. Either way, it’s still great and I find if I apply on top of my foundation in the morning, I only need to apply it again in the afternoon to get my make-up looking new and refreshed. It’s very easy to apply but I would stress that this product is for setting your foundation and taking away shine, it will not provide any extra coverage. As for its claims it contains ingredients that help minimise breakouts, again I’m not so sure, but it certainly hasn’t increased my breakouts, so if this is a problem for you with other powders you have used, by all means try this.Clear complexion is widely available and is really cheap! I believe I only paid £3 for this. It’s quite easy to overlook because of its cheap and non-descript packaging, but it does the same job as its more expensive rivals so for that reason, I am featuring it as my MUPOTM. The only downside (and I have to say this because let’s face it most products have something you’d like to make better), is that it doesn’t come with a sponge applicator. Because I use this on the go, I prefer a sponge applicator just because it’s so easy, but I guess this leaves you the option to use a brush to apply it with if you would rather.


Juicygirl said...

Great review must check this one out havnt seen it before thanks xoxo

Lorien BeautyLove said...

I love Rimmel products! Im currently using the Renew and Lift pressed powder along with a Rimmel liquid foundation(cant remember the name, but it claims to contain "Minerals") Like you Im a tad skeptic cos I dont know how MANY Mineral ingredients there are.. Honestly, as much as I love Rimmel, I think its just to boost sales! Since Mineral products are so IN right now! :) Great review! xx

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

How would you say this compares to the MAC translucent setting powder>? Sounds like it's a great substitute to me. Thanks, and very interesting blog! Here's mine:

Onyx said...

@juicygirl, thankyou! you must check it out.

@lorien, I know, mineral products are huge, and it's really hard to not get sucked in! I can't help myself.

@clearly beautiful, I haven't yet tried MAC's powder, but I'm keen to try anything by MAC, so if I happen to try it out I will be sure to review it, and perhaps do a comparison of the two products.


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