Monday, 25 January 2010

Beauty Product of the Month:January - Lush Sugar Babe scrub

Yet another fantastic product from Lush and this one is both innovative and practical, exactly why I love Lush. Sugar scrubs, or an exfoliant of some description are an important part of skincare, I wouldn't say essential because for some they might be harsh on their skin, but most of us will be left with better conditioned skin.

This is a solid sugar scrub, the only one of its kind to not need any packaging. I'm all for recycling, but I think it's even better when products just don't need packaging! There are two scrubs to choose from, which I felt was a bit of a shame because I thought Lush could do a lot more with this product and introduce many more varieties. There's the green one called "Sugar Scrub", which is supposed to help tackle cellulite. I haven't tried it, so I won't knock it, but I am somewhat dubious of it's cellulite fighting properties. It didn't smell that great either, so when it came down to it, I had to choose the nicest smelling one. "Sugar Babe" smells divine. It contains coconut oil so this is one for leaving your skin really soft and moisturised, but the smell is floral since it's also made from ylang flowers and mimosa blossom. It's a very girly smell, although I let my boyfriend use it and he loved it too! It's ok because he never reads this.

At £2.60 for 100g I think this is really good value for money from Lush. After using it a couple of times in the shower, the scrub went a little softer and I was able to squish it into an empty Body Shop exoliator pot to make it easier to use, and last longer. I'd recommend this for use a few times a week, probably not every day because since it's sugar, it is kind of rough. It does a great job at exfoliating, so if your skin isn't too sensitive then it'll work just fine.
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