Monday, 4 January 2010

Nearly finished MAC palette...

My palette is slowly making progress. I had three new additions for Christmas, Nylon, Greensmoke and Espresso. I’m finding it more and more difficult to choose the final few colours. I look at blogs and the MAC website and think I’ve decided on the colours I want, then go in to the MAC store and walk out with completely different colours.

With flash.

And without.
I really didn’t think I would ever buy Nylon. I’d seen pictures of it, watched videos about it, thought it looked pretty but decided that since I had Shroom, I didn’t need another highlight colour. Obviously I was wrong because here I am with it in my collection. There’s just something really attractive about this colour, it has a frost finish, compared to the satin finish of Shroom and has almost a creamy texture to it and is very shimmery. I think the shimmer at first put me off because I’m not really into that look, but sometimes a bit of shimmer is just necessary and the shade also has enough of a hint of beigey gold in it to not look too brassy as a highlight.

Greensmoke is my new favourite eyeshadow. Green is by far my favourite colour to wear (if it’s not neutral!) and I love a green smoky eye, hence Greensmoke. As a lustre, it’s not amazingly pigmented but it is buildable. I like to wear this either on the lid with Espresso in the crease for a dark green smoky eye, or wear it in the crease with a shade like All That Glitters on the lid, for a lighter look. I’m thinking of getting either Swimming or Humid to wear with it, but not sure which would work best.

Espresso is probably one of the most popular shades by MAC. It’s pretty universal, making a great crease or outer corner colour for most people. Whether you’re just starting out with MAC or have a tonne of it, I’d recommend adding this to your collection. You can never have too many browns now anyway, can you?

(top row,l to r: Typographic, Twinks, Tempting, Greensmoke, Espresso, middle row, l to r: Satin Taupe, Patina, Woodwinked, bottom row, l to r: All That Glitters, Hush, Nylon, Shroom.)

I suppose this looks like a very unadventurous palette so far but neutral/earthy tones are my favourite and suit me best so I keep going back to them. There are some amazing and unique colours by MAC but I wanted my first palette to be full of staples I will actually use. If anyone has any recommendations for my remainder pans please let me know! I’d love to know what colour combinations work for you.


City Girls Fashion Box said...

i love those colours, i may have to write those down! :)

sternchenslove said...

If you like neutral colours you should try MAC Honesty, Era and Sable.

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