Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Make-up Product of the Month: January - Yves Saint Laurent La Laque in Bleu Nuit

First up, sorry for the poor quality photo. It is starting to stay lighter later as the spring is on it's way but still not light enough for me to take decent photos after work. I mentioned that I purchased three YSL nail laquers in another blog post, and the one I have kept coming back to is this one: Bleu Nuit. It's not just the poor quality of photograph, in real life this nail varnish verges on black. Unless you really look closely, it doesn't really appear blue at all. You can only really see the blue when the colour is held up next to black. I think that's what I like about it though, black nails are incredibly harsh looking and not pretty. With a touch of blue this shade manages to look quite sleek and classy. Take my word for it; looking at the picture where I've taken it immediately after painting, pre-washing off the excess, it does not look too classy I know!
What I love about this varnish the most is the quality. This is a high end product so I expect as much, but sometimes you don't always get what you pay for. The varnish retails at £16 but I picked up three for £18 at TK Maxx so that equals excellent value for money! I need only two coats, and this lasts at least 2 days completely chip free, but I could get away with 3 or 4 with a top coat.
This is definitely a staple colour for me, perfect for winter time, and one I will continue reaching for, while I can still get away with wearing it.

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City Girls Fashion Box said...

i need to start raiding my tk maxx!

i adore the colour x

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