Monday, 1 February 2010


I know this is not beauty related but food for me is up there in importance with beauty! Yesterday I discovered the Chinese cash and carry that's near me. I wasn't too sure what to expect, I was hoping it wouldn't be the sort where you have to buy crates of everything. Luckily inside it was more of a supermarket selling all kinds of eastern asian foods which is my absolute favourite kind of food. I love how cheap it is, so much better value than the Asian isle of your regular supermarket, and more authentic! I got 3 huge bottles of Soya sauce on 3 for 2, Teriyaki marinade which is great on chicken and salmon, rice noodles, miso soup (it tastes amazing!!), a whole load of chopsticks for only 90p. I also wanted to try out some snacks and found something called Pocky which are chocolate flavoured sticks similar to Mikado. They're ok, but the chocolate is not that tasty. I also got some pineapple chips, which are just dried pieces of organic pineapple! Quite unusual taste, but I could get used to them. I also went to Greenwich market yesterday, one of my favourite places to mooch around on the weekend. They have some great stalls there and sell a lot of quirky and kitsch clothes and jewellery. I found this great stall I wanted to mention where I found these super cute button earrings! 3 pairs for £5 which I thought was a reasonable price to pay for something original.

The girl who makes them also designs cute jumpers with writing on them, as well as tote bags. She's very talented and her products have been featured in Grazia magazine. Please check out her website at


Tali said...

Ok I adore asian fooood so YUM!!!!!! I like posts like these they are so different :) x

Onyx said...

Asian food is the best! :)

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