Thursday, 15 April 2010

Make-up Product of the Month: March - OPI Alice in Wonderland Nail Laquers

I was only after one red nail varnish when I purchased these. My brother recently got married in Cyprus and his fiancee wanted me to bring a red varnish with me to paint her nails in case she forgot. Now, I have plenty of red nail varnish, it's one of my favourite colours to paint my nails with and when done properly, looks classy. Anyway, I thought I had an excuse to buy yet more and after seeing this set I was sold. I bought this just before I saw the film so it was quite fitting. I've never bought OPI before, I've always thought them a bit overpriced. I know you get a lot in the container, more than most brands, but I've never used an entire bottle of varnish up before so didn't think it's worth it unless you're buying a colour you know you're going to use frequently. This set is great because the four mini nail laquers are 3.75ml each, for just over the price of one full sized laquer. This way I get to try out some slightly more unique colours too.I love this one called Absolutely Alice. It's a bright blue, glittery varnish, not like any I've seen before and is great for making a statement.Below is Mad As A Hatter, possibly my favourite from the collection as again it's really unique. This is with two coats, which when photographed probably doesn't look like enough coverage, but in person, it's enough! The only downfall of the glittery varnishes is they chip like crazy. It has that consistency where once it chips you can sort of peel off the rest of it.

Next there are two reds in the collection and below is my favourite of the two. It's called Off With Her Red! and has an almost orangey tone to it. I think it's a very flattering tone with a creme finish. It's nothing ground breaking or unique, but is a lovely shade and one I'm pleased to own as I didn't have a "tomato red" shade like this already.Thanks So Muchness is a deeper berry red which is more pearlised than the other red. Personally I'm not blown away by this shade. It's nice but not too dissimilar to shades I already own.
So there we have it, a nice little collection, and for me a good introduction to OPI. I would love to hear any recommendations of other shades I should own in the full size as I think I could be swayed into buying the full size!


Mr. Pineapple Man said...

very pretty nails!

Saimese said...

Absolutely Alice & Mad As a Hatter are gorgeous!!

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