Monday, 26 July 2010

Beauty Product of the Month: June - Purity Facial Exfoliator

I've swapped my trusty Lush Angels on Bare Skin to try something new. This is what I've been using for the last couple of months or so, it's another Purity product, and this is their facial exfoliator, deep pore cleanser. I won't delve into what I like about this brand as I've touched on that before, but this is a great daily exfoliator. The key ingredients are ground coconut shell which acts as the exfoliant, coconut oil, almond oil and aloe vera. The oils make this a very nourishing, moisturising cleanser, the texture is almost a bit silky. It might seem a bit harsh to have coconut shell in a facial wash, but it's ground so fine that it's not scratchy like you'd expect, but quite kind to your skin. This is therefore suitable for people with sensitive skin since it is not perfumed either, I can't imagine a reason for this product not agreeing with your skin type.

The cleanser is free from parabens which is good news if you're eager to avoid them like I am a little! I know so many products contain them, but even without them, this product lasts 18 months once opened which makes me wonder why they're really needed.

I'll keep this review short, I just want to say I'm sorry for a lack of posts recently, I realise I'm like a month behind with my products of the month, but I hope to be back now, and want to make more of an effort with the blogging world now it's summer and I have a bit more time on my hands! I have a few posts lined up so look out for them, and thankyou for sticking with my blog while things have been a bit quiet.

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