Thursday, 29 July 2010

Stereo Rose - How I love thee

I got suckered in to the hype of Stereo Rose after browsing several beauty blogs the day the In The Groove collection was released in the UK. I normally like to wait for swatches and reviews before I buy anything myself. I am quite good and restrained usually, I won't buy something just because everyone says I HAVE to. But honestly when I saw this in the flesh, i HAD to have it! So I went and I bought it the very next day I saw it on beauty blogs. And here is the little beauty. The colour is peachy toned, and not a million miles away from the shade of Too Faced Brightening Blush in Papa Don't Peach. It has that same irridescent quality that I love to a blush, just a slight sheen when the light catches you. I'm not the biggest MSF fan in the world, but I think Stereo Rose is an exception. It doesn't make you look shiny like a lot of MSF's will (I don't actually mind that btw) and the colour pay off is actually very decent. I also own Triple Fusion MSF and the colour pay off was next to non-existant, don't get me wrong I like the colour, but it was more sheen than colour, whereas Stereo Rose is a healthy mix of just the right amount of colour to sheen. This is exactly what I hope and expect from a mineralised or "baked" cosmetic product and it makes me wonder why MAC haven't made them all this consistency.

Here is the sheen I am talking about. I have layered this on more than I probably would to go out in public, but for photographic purposes it really shows how gorgeous the colour is. A perfect peachy pink, with just a dash of bronze which would look stunning if I was a little more tanned! This is a versatile product, MSF's aren't specifically for blusher purposes, there are mineralised blushes also available, but an MSF can be used all over the face in some way. It's easy to achieve a light application with MSF's so if you like to wear blusher as well as bronzer, this would be perfect to dust over your bronzer, just to give you that extra bit of glow.
I know this is now a hard to come by product, but it is the stand out product (by a mile!) of this collection and worth trying to hunt down.
I hope that your shopping experience is more successful than mine...when I bought it, I asked for "a Stereo Rose MSF please", expecting the guy that worked there to know what I was talking about. I felt so geeky afterwards, because apparently he didn't know that MSF was shorthand for mineralise skin finish. I thought "Stereo Rose" would give it away, lol I just expected him to know instantly what I was talking about, because jeez, doesn't everyone know what Stereo Rose is! I guess even the people that work in MAC aren't as obsessed as us beauty junkies!


jade' said...

I wish I could apply products to my cheeks like that! You also have stunning eyes :)
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