Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Barry M Nail Paint - Dusky Mauve

Following on from my previous post about duochrome nail polishes I wanted to mention Barry M's latest offering, Dusky Mauve. I've only just been able to get my hands on this though I think it' been around a while now. In the bottle it seemed very appealing to me, I love beigey/grey/brown shades and this one was a mauve mixed with a hint of brown as it catches the light. Once it's painted on my nails it seems a little different to in the bottle, it still looks different colours in different lights like most duochromes, but doesn't seem to vary much in natural daylight. Apparently though, this is an exact dupe for Chanel's Paradoxical nail polish which I can't judge because sadly I don't own any Chanel nail polishes. There are some nail polishes that are universally appealing and everybody loves them. I think this is the Marmite of the nail polish world and I can understand why some might write a negative review of it, but I personally really like it. I'm paler now than I usually am after getting through a winter with no sunshine, but colour is returning to my skin. This is a good thing because if I was any paler this would just look murky and disgusting against my skin tone. I can just about get away with it now but I think this will be one I drag out in the summer time. It's actually nice to find a dark polish I associate with Summer as I usually gravitate towards lights and brights. So if you've already bought this and you're not convinced it's for you, it might be worth holding onto a bit longer.

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Hannah. said...

This is on my wishlist! :)
I love the colour so much! xxx

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