Monday, 28 March 2011

Denman D3 Leopard Print Limited Edition Brush

Denman are reknown for their high quality hairbrushes used by many professional salons. I was kindly sent this limited edition red leopard print D3 brush to try, and this has become the brush I always use, replacing my Toni and Guy paddle brush. The D3 is a styling brush, but I find it useful as a general all rounder. It is perfect for getting out knots without being harsh on your hair. I am someone who has particularly knotty hair but this brush works well for me at getting them out. I find I need to use it gently as it is very strong and could potentially hurt if I was to use it the way I use my normal hair brush. This is better for the overall condition of my hair though because it means I'm not struggling to get the brush through, so I'm not damaging my hair by causing lots of split ends.I'm also really loving the print on this, I have a bit of a thing for animal prints so this is a definite plus point for me, and it makes it very easy to find in my handag! For more designs visit:
This should also be available from most Boots or Superdrug stores, and I have spotted a regular leopard print design in John Lewis for around £8.50.


Cara Robinson said...

Hiya! I love these brushes!

I also wrote a post about the Denman Strawberry Scented hairbrush recently!


YurBrownbarbie said...

ilike ur blog....u cn also check me out @
takia bbes...xx

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