Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Simple is a brand that never fails me. If I need to buy something I've ran out of and haven't done my research to find out which products are creating a buzz, I can always rely on this brand to have something that will do the job and do it well.
One of their most recently released products is this eye make-up corrector pen which I was kindly sent to try since I am a member of Simple's VIP which you can join on their website. This is one of those products that you wouldn't think to buy, (I haven't seen other brand alternatives on the market) but now I've tried it, it's one of those things you wonder how you got on without it. It's great for those days you're in a rush and then you make a mistake with your eyeliner. It's a lot quicker and more efficient than using a cotton bud. You just swipe at the smudge and it's gone, simple as that! I also recently needed to buy a new facewash, and again it was Simple that I looked to. I liked the appeal of using a foaming facewash so picked this one out. It's very easy to use and mess free. I like the fact that one pump gives me the right amount of product and it foams itself up for me! Very lazy I know, but sometimes that's what you need.

Simple is a brand that keep ingredients to a minimum, they are non-perfumed and so are often very suitable for sensitive skin.


Cara Robinson said...

You can't beat a packet of Simple face wipes too! :)

Lydia said...

The pen sounds very interesting, but I don't have a very good opinion about Simple so I don't dare buy it. A few years ago there was a show/documentary type thing on television about the brand which basically exploited them and showed that Simple aren't so simple after all! They have some of the worst ingredients and there's nothing natural about them at all :/
I know the brand works for a lot of people though so maybe things have changed since then!

Peg said...

I may have to invest in that magic pen.
I love the simple range and its so affordable and can achieve great results.


Onyx said...

@ Cara - love anything convenient and time saving!

@Lydia - I haven't seen that show. I know they're not as natural as other brand I love, they put a few parabens in still, but nothing that's supposedly harsh. Hmm maybe they have changed or maybe I might look again at the ingredients! I still believe they're less harsh than many brands out there. I guess it's how it works on your own skin that matters.

@ Peg - affordability certainly scores points in my book!

thefirstgoldengirl said...

Recently, I received the Liz Earle Cleanser as a gift. Have you ever used this one and can you say which one works best? xx

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't any one come up with this pen idea before? It's brilliant and there is definatly a maket for it.

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