Monday, 20 June 2011

Sleek Monaco Palette

I can't seem to resist buying a new Sleek palette. As if I need any more of them really. I think the brand is bang on by releasing a new collection so frequently, it keeps the brand fresh and up to date. Each palette is always so different from the last too. This one features some very bright pastel shades as well as a few lighter shades that are more suitable for me as lid colours. I tend to use the bright shades just as a pop of colour in the crease or line the bottom lid with them. My particular favourites in this palette are the four colours you see in the bottom. They work really well together and with a summer tan, turquoise is a great colour to wear, you still need to be a bit brave about it though!
I checked out the pout polish that was released the same time as this but is part of the Caribbean collection. It isn't really me, it's very orange and whilst I am actually on the hunt for an orangey lip gloss/lipstick of some description, this just isn't it. The blusher is part of the Monaco collection, but again I skipped it. I don't know what I can do with neon pink!

This eyeshadow palette is definetely the highlight of the latest products released from Sleek. On another note, I saw a couple of tester palettes whilst I was browsing the Monaco collection. I saw a neutral palette and a smokey eye palette. There were none available to buy however. If anyone is able to fill me on this would be great as they both looked pretty amazing and I would happily have snapped them up, have I missed these two palettes or are they not released yet??


denise ❤ said...

congrats on getting it, my fave colors are the last four, too! (though I don't own this palette) I agree being brave enough to wear the turquoise haha especially for us neutral-lovers :))))


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