Saturday, 18 April 2009

Beauty Product of the Month

Each month, I will do a review of two products that are my products of the month. One will be a make-up product, the other will be a beauty product. A product that I have wanted to review for some time is the Oil Balancing Moisturiser by Simple. With my oily combination skin I got into the habit of averting from using moisturiser. I believed that adding moisture to already oil rich skin would cause havoc to skin and cause outbreaks and only rarely in the winter would I need to moisturise. Wrong! Actually no matter what your skin type, you should always moisturise.

Simple's oil balancing moisturiser is in no means a new product to me, in fact I've used it on and off for about 3 years. Now I am definitely back on and have been using this moisturiser morning and night religiously for the last 6 months. The verdict: contrary to what I thought would happen; more breakouts, I can safely say there are LESS breakouts and my skin feels smooth and healthy.

As well as moisturising my skin, this product is useful to me in the way it counteracts excess oil. After moisturising with any other moisturiser, whether it be hand cream, or a body butter, after soaking into the skin, the skin feels hydrated and very smooth, their aim to prevent dryness. With Oil Balancing, my skin is left hydrated but mattified, which I didn't think I could get from a moisturiser. Certainly for oily or combination skin this is a must-buy. After using it for a few days you will see an improvement to the overall condition of your skin. It contains natural anti-bacterial properties to counteract spot-forming bacteria.

I don't use foundation primers, but I believe that applying foundation to well cleaned skin is enough preparation. The great thing about this moisturiser is that you don't need to let it dry, but can apply liquid foundation directly over it, and get a good, even coverage.

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