Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Hurray for hoarding

I'm guilty, as I'm sure all you other make-up obsessives are, of hoarding unwanted, unused items. It's not a conscious thing, but every time I try to part with things I know I haven't used in such a while, there's this feeling that I may want to use it again at some point and so I mustn't get rid. Take my nail varnish collection for example. There's varnishes in there I've forgotten about, so old they've been discontinued and over the months, gone a little bit congealed and hard to use.

Well the other day, I dug out one of said varnishes and realised I'd had it so long it's even gone out, and returned back in to fashion! It's a gorgeous pastel, lavendar shade and reminded me of the latest MAC collection which is the reason I resurfaced it. As I'm sure you're aware, nail varnish is not the best at staying in good condition and does harden with time, making it nearly impossible to apply. But here's a little tip if you want to revive an old nail varnish: leave it in the fridge for a few hours, ideally overnight, and then apply it to your nails straight after removing it from the fridge! This seems to work really well and I managed to get a brilliant result from a varnish that was...I'm guessing 5 years old! Cringe, yes I really do hoard for a long time. I think I should be forgiven though because I did get to use it again.

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Belle Du Jour said...

I like the lavender color!

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