Sunday, 3 May 2009

Weekend shopping

This weekend I went back to my hometown to visit my parents. My trip involved a successful shopping spree where I got these few bits.

First up from Peacocks: 3 vest tops for £6, very impressed with this deal, Topshop do a similar offer with their vest tops, buy two for £9. Honestly I think the quality of the Peacocks vests match Topshop but at a snippet of the price. I wear them mainly as a layer or try to perk them up with some accessories so I don't feel the need to spend a lot of money on them. They contain elastane in them so they should wash and wear well. I also got the aviator style sunglasses after scouring a few shops, these fit me the best, most seem to bury my face, but these did a good job at not making me look too ridiculous.

I got a butterfly necklace which is almost a filigree style, with a smaller butterfly over the larger one. I think it has really nice detailing and is a popular choice on the high street at the moment.

The rather gaudy looking furry things are the slippers I picked up in Primark. I love furry things, shiny things, metallic things and these encompassed all three. I love them because the fur is nice and soft and comfortable but they're open toe, so not gonna keep my feet too warm in the summer.

Also included in the picture are the toothbrushes I bought from Boots. I know they're pretty ordinary and not worth mentioning, but these Wisdom "individual" ones all have different patterns on them. I thought this was quite a cute and novel idea and I managed to find one with a zebra print on which will cheer up a boring two minute routine. I also purchased a white eyeliner because of it’s supposed ability to widen your eyes. I’ve used black eyeliner for as long as I can remember but lately have been taking a break from using it on my waterline, instead lining the lower lash line, that way it’s not black overload. I like to experiment using different colours for different effects and am surprised I never got around to taking the advice I’d heard and lined with a white liner. I have to say with the black just on the lids and white on the rim, I’m definitely given a large effect. I feel like my eyes look much wider awake and alert.

These two batwing style tops were both in the sale.

A smart jacket I will team with both trousers and jeans. I love the style and the detailing, but really not keen on the little flower decoration. It’s a brooch but is sewed on also, so I will need to unpick the stitches to remove it. The dress...I love. It’s a little too long for me at the shoulders, I have this problem a lot being on the short side! I will need to pin, tack and sew the straps to where I want them. So just a few adjustments to the dress and it will fit perfectly, I knew an A Level textiles would have it's uses somewhere! I’m not sure how to describe it, I think it’s along the tulip design, and the colour is a gorgeous indigo. I’ll probably be teaming this with black leggings and sandals for the summer. Before and after shots of the adjustments.

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Pop Champagne said...

I love the fuzzy slippers! And the blue dress is so cute and summery :)

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