Thursday, 21 May 2009

Beauty Product of the Month - May

I remember when I first discovered dry shampoo I thought I’d been let in to a secret. For those of you who have never tried dry shampoo and are wondering what it is and how it works, basically it’s a powder that you spray on to your roots and it absorbs any excess oil, giving you that just washed feel. The first dry shampoo I tried was by Lee Stafford, a mid range available from Boots. I did like this brand, I thought it did the job it was supposed to, but I found I really had to rub my scalp well afterwards to make sure there was no white powder left, otherwise I’d look like I was going grey! I decided to try another brand, and came across Batiste. I’ve never heard of them before I got this so I don’t know what other products they sell, but I can say they make the best dry shampoo! I don’t have to rub this very much to get rid of that white powder that’s left behind. Ok, so it’s not quite the same as washing your hair, and it does seem quite lazy, but I don’t use this in place of my shampoo, more for in between washes, just to freshen up. Another tip with Batiste is that you can apply it on clean hair too, spray the roots and push up the hair near your parting. I do this before going out sometimes and it just gives my hair a little bit of volume at the roots, instead of being poker straight and flat! I like it so much I’ve bought all 3 variations. My favourite is Blush, which I think is like perfume for the hair! It really does smell gorgeous, a very floral scent. I don’t really like the Original one as the aftersmell reminds me of flyspray! Not really a good smell for your hair. I’d recommend trying this if you’ve never used dry shampoo before or weren’t happy with the ones you tried. I use this all year round, and see it as a must have item, even more so this time of year when my hair seems to need washing that little bit more often.

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