Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Rimmel Mascara Overview

It seems like there's a new mascara released every other day and it's difficult to know which mascaras do what they claim, and which aren't worth your money or time experimenting with. Now I've tried a lot of mascaras out there, but generally I go for affordable drug store brands since mascara is something I use on a daily basis and consequently get through the most amount of this product over any other. I think it's very easy to get suckered into the advertising campaigns, who doesn't want sky high, beautifully thick lashes? It's pretty pointless looking at those advertising pictures and thinking that's the effect you're going to achieve. More often than not, that photo you see isn't a result of the mascara but is created by false lashes. I'm not against using false lashes, I love them, I just wish that these adverts wouldn't give people false hope in trying to achieve something unattainable from a product. I would rather see exactly what the mascara does, and know what I'm buying in to beforehand.
Rimmel are one such brand that use false lashes in their advertisements. This isn't to say that their products don't work, just not to the extent that they claim. Over the last few months Rimmel have released four new mascaras which I wanted to review and compare for you to help you choose which is the best one for you.
The first of the four to be released was Magnif'eyes which people seem to either love or hate. I wouldn’t recommend buying Magnif’eyes at all, it really did nothing it claimed to. It’s supposed to give 70% uplift, so it’s quite unique in the way it lifts your lashes, rather than lengthen and volumise, this way it should give you a more awake look. I don’t feel I achieved this however, it didn’t seem to lengthen, volumise or lift my lashes, just made them look darker! A few of the bristles fell off the brush which I think is a common problem when this mascara was first released, maybe Rimmel have worked on the brush now but I wouldn't risk using it again. Perhaps if you already have nice thick lashes this would be a good everyday mascara if you want a natural look, but for me I can say it did very little which is why I have no pictures, because I no longer use it.
Next to be released was Lash Maxxx. Now after Magnif’eyes I wasn’t sure what to expect but I thought I’d give it a go because the brush design seemed quite innovative and completely different to Magnif’eyes! There’s only one way to apply the mascara, it has two sets of bristles, finely separated like a comb design so is pretty simple. This is very effective in separating your lashes and manages to coat them wonderfully. This mascara does for me what I hoped Magnif’eyes would do and more. Not only does it separate but it gives great length and volume, AND is clump free!

I think it's definetly worth a try if you haven't already. I've also found this mascara a good one to use after applying Loreal's Lash Architect, it builds up the volume even more without clumping, so is a great alternative to false lashes if you want a dramatic look without the hassle of applying them. Following Lash Maxxx was Glam'Eyes, my personal favourite. The brush design is completely different to Lash Maxxx, but gives a similar effect. It has bristles the whole way around the brush, alternating between short and long bristles, again these bristles are very close together so give great separation. What makes this mascara one of the best is the way it's easy to apply and unlike Lash Maxxx, you can build the volume on all your lashes. The short bristles make applying it to your lower lashes and the corner lashes very easy, this was slightly more difficult with Lash Maxxx because all the bristles are the same length, you'd have to angle the brush to get in the corners. It's great for everyday make-up aswell as special occasions when you want to build up the intensity.

The latest installment from Rimmel mascaras was Sext Curves mascara. Again this mascara had another innovative brush design which I hadn't seen before. The best way to describe it would be three spiky balls! The idea is that it will give you more emphasis on some lashes than others, creating a curved effect. I'm not too convince by this. The rubbery bristles work quite well to separate your lashes but I didn't feel I got much of a curved effect. Certainly after using Glam'Eyes I think I'll be hard pushed to find a better mascara. Like Magnif'eyes, I think this a mascara for a natural make-up look, when you don't neccessarily want people to know you're wearing it. Another alternative use for this mascara would be to just apply it to your bottom lashes. It's one of the few that is incredibly easy to use in this area and practically fool-proof in never getting any mascara smudges beneath your lashes.

So there's my overview of Rimmel's mascaras, hope you found it useful!


Superficialgirl said...

i have never tried rimmel masacara, for some other reason always go towards maybelline :P

Onyx said...

You should give them a go definitely. I love maybellines xxl mascara, but I went off them because I'd heard such great reviews about the great lash mascara ages ago and was really disappointed by it, maybe I should give them another chance, the stilleto one looks quite good.

Holly :) said...

Glam eyes is definately my favourite! Great Post!

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