Friday, 8 May 2009

Sleek Eye Shadow Palette Review

Yesterday I came across this eye-shadow palette. It's available from Superdrug in the UK and is by a brand called Sleek. I think the palettes were released a while ago but not that easy to get hold of since not all Superdrugs stock them. There's 3 different palettes to choose from, Original, Chaos and the one I bought, called Storm. I chose this one because I thought there was a great range of colours in there, plenty of neutrals, and a few bolder colours, but overall very wearable.

Having got it home and been able to try out the colours on my eyes, I'm very impressed with the quality. I tried the testers in the store and they felt very smooth and looked richly pigmented. Over a primer, they apply very easily, blend well and are very long lasting!
The first one and the fourth one along are lovely golden colours that will look great as a lid colour. The second one I've used as a highlight colour, it's probably the only colour suitable for a highlighter as the rest are too dark. Most are shimmer eyeshadows, with the exception of three of them, the third one on the top picture, and the first two on the picture below. The black eyeshadow is noticeably pigmented, usually you don't get a very good colour pay-off with black, they can be quite grey-ish, but this is very impressive, a great eyeshadow for the outer corner and under the eyes for a smokey evening look.

I would definitely recommend purchasing this palette, the colours are quite unusual, and it might be unlikely you owned a dupe of the bolder colours. The browney-pink shadow in the top right corner, and the denim colour on the bottom row second in are the two stand out colours for me. I hope to make some fun looks from this palette, and am tempted to buy the others, at only £4.87, can't really resist them! And the good news is, if they're not available in your nearest Superdrug, check on their website to see if they will be soon. This summer Sleek will be expanding and will appear in a further 132 stores. Has anyone tried these before, and how do you rate them?


beautyblog said...

I've seen Pixiwoo on youtube talking about these palettes! Haven't seen them in the US yet.

Liparazzi said...

I saw that Lollipop26 had reviewed this palette with the same colours, she liked it too. When products are that cheap, you can't really lose!

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