Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Tri-Coloured Lip Glass by Mac

There was nothing that really grabbed me from the last collection from MAC. I expected there to be a few items I would want to purchase but it appeared most items were pastel colours, something I really don't go for. One thing that did get my attention however was the tri-coloured Lipglass.

I chose this in the shade Simply Delicious which is described as follows: Top: Sheer peach with reflects, Middle: Pale coral with pearl, Bottom: Creamy mid-tone coral. I think if there's nothing you feel very drawn to from the Sugarsweet collection this is something that might appeal. To be honest I liked the whole novelty of it and to me it kind of defines the collection. It's fun, it's original in it's design and has the same quality expected from MAC. I enjoy using this product, the colours go very well with my skin tone and I like the way I get a slightly different colour from it every time. It's almost too pretty to use, but the feel and smell of the gloss is very addictive so I haven't put it down the past week!

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Tali said...

I almost bought them but then i went for a different product... im looking foreward to the Rose Romance glosses.. im gonna get every single one!

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