Friday, 13 August 2010

Tag! 10 Things I Love.

I was tagged by Laura to do this 10 things I love post, and since I never do these, I really thought it was high time I did. This is a nice one anyway, and easy to think of 10 things I love.
Rules are as follows.

1. Post who gave you this award.

2. State 10 things that you love.

3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

So firstly, it goes without saying, the people in my life are the most loved things, so maybe cheating a little, I'd like to put my friends, family and boyfriend at number 1.2. Blogging/ writing in general. When I was 5 years old I was asked what I wanted to do when I was older.I remember saying I wanted to be a writer along with the job actually do for a living. I'm glad to say all these years on, I'm still as passionate with both.
3. Guitar. I still can't play mine, but one day it will come. I enjoy learning which is the important part.

4. TEA! All varieties, but green is probably my favourite.
5. Chocolate, because I don't actually know where I'd be without it.
6. The sunshine. I'm so dependent on a bit of sun. I think I could quite happily live somewhere that had permanent sunshine, how can you not smile when the sun is shining?
7. Make-up. Blatantly.
8. Puppies/dogs. Best animal ever. My life will not be complete without one. I'd love a bichon frise/schitzu cross, they're adorable, or maybe a larger dog like a border collie or alsatian. I love cute, small dogs, but I'd like a dog with some intelligence too! I know it's not the right time in my life to get one yet though, but soon I hope.

9. Travelling. There's so many places in the world I want to visit, and so many places I've been that I've loved. I loved visiting Montreal and want to explore Canada a lot more, North America in general, Japan, New Zealand, Italy, anywhere!
10. Creativity. A bit broad I know, but I love designing, making things, whether it be song lyrics, a drawing, clothing, I love creating.

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