Monday, 17 September 2012

Birthday Schtuff

My birthday was actually nearly a month ago now, but here I am just getting round to showing you my lovely presents. For a while, I've been interested in photography and have been intrigued by the analogue revival. I've frequently gone into the Lomography stores around town, telling myself  I'll buy one, 'one day', but then never actually got round to purchasing one. I was very pleasantly surprised on my birthday to open the Diana Mini in pretty much the most perfect colour - Coral Fusion, complete with flash and colour gels for adding a flash of colour.
Also in the picture is the gorgeous perfume Un air d'escapade by Givenchy. I saw this at duty free in Croatia and was tempted to buy it, partly because I loved it and partly because the limited edition-ness of it was appealing, I don't like to smell like everyone else! Luckily I didn't buy it, otherwise I would've had two bottles, but again this was a very well thought out and well received present.
Next, presents from my lovely housemates. I am doubting the boys of the house had little to do with the choice of these presents - a Cath Kidston mug and a Nails Inc nail polish, both of which I love. 
I mean seriously, LOOK at this bottle! It's stunning...more photos of it on my nails to come. It's in the colour Jubilee which is red, silver and blue glitter particles.
This foot spray is really refreshing after being on your feet all day, and a good idea for a gift aswell I thought, I often forget to pamper my feet. I also really like this bracelet, which is magnetic and you can alter the size of it as you wrap it around your wrist.
Some essential film for Diana, it takes the standard 35mm film, you don't necessarily need the Lomography's own brand, although they do seem high on the colour count compared to others I've seen, 800 as opposed to 400 or 200.
Diana in all her glory. She's been on a few adventures with me already, and hopefully a lot more to come. I haven't actually got a film developed yet, I have however, drastically ruined my first attempt because I loaded the film incorrectly and it ended up tearing. At least I didn't take too many photographs as I was experimenting, but that was a lesson learned. I'm sure some people will fail to see the point of this camera when we live in such a digital age, but for me that's kind of the point. We forget how to do things manually and picture taking has become rather stale, I quite like the fact that I don't know how these photos will turn out, and I will actually have to get them developed and printed, I couldn't tell you the last time I printed photos that I could hold in my hand!! There's also lots of cool tricks you can do with a Diana and the other Lomography cameras, I'm having a go at some double exposures, where you layer two shots on to one...we'll see how that goes.

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